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Online Level 1 Raw Vegan Chef Certification

Online Level 1 Raw Vegan Chef Certification

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Course Overview

Level 1 is a blend of theoretical and hands on training taught by Elaina Love. As a graduate you will have prepared over 50 delicious, nourishing, gluten-free, low-glycemic and family friendly meals. You can take our online level 1 course at any time. Those dates are just place holders on our website. It is a self paced course that you will have for a lifetime and can refer back to at anytime.

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What You Will Learn

What You Will Make

Breakfast Foods
Veggie Burgers
Dips and Spreads



Elaina Love

Elaina, founder of Pure Joy Planet, is an amazing example of how a raw food diet can heal and renew vibrancy and youthfulness. With 18 years teaching experience in plant-based living, she can help you reach your goals whether it is weight loss, getting well, or starting a new career in holistic health.

Join us at Level 1 Certification and take the next step towards the life of your dreams. Our community of students and loving staff is waiting to assist in your transformation.

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