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Spring 4-Week Plant-Based Love Camp

Spring 4-Week Plant-Based Love Camp

April 3, 2017 – April 30, 2017 in Online

Course Overview

Motivated to start adding more plant-based recipes into your diet but need a little more help?  Learn how to  immerse yourself in the lifestyle, make simple and easy recipes for daily living and get fit! Indulge in some of the best recipes on the planet while nourishing you and your family. Get the download on the most cutting edge nutrition and diet information and personal lifestyle guidance from Elaina Love. Learn all about superfoods and herbs and how to concoct your own medicinal teas and smoothies. Get the best plant-strong fitness tips, workouts and meal plans from our award winning fitness model, Ali Stringer. All recipes from the recipe book and video demonstrations are completely free of gluten, dairy, processed, and soy, so you can truly feel what it’s like to eat clean and be full of energy. Find out what it’s like to live in a healthy, vibrant body. Get more information and join our healthy family here.

What You Will Learn

  • How to go Plant-Based in a simple and practical way.
  • How to make recipes ahead of time and stock up for the week.
  • How to make meal planning and food preparation easy.
  • How to know what foods your body needs.
  • The real facts about dairy and how it could be harming your health.
  • How to go gluten-free and why it’s so important to eliminate it.
  • Your brain and gut connection.
  • Probiotics. What are they and which ones should you take?
  • Good and Bad Fats: Why good fat is your friend and how to incorporate the best raw fats into your meals.
  • Everything you need to know about superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and herbs.
  • How to create attainable fitness goals that stick.
  • How to get fit and have fun at home without a gym.
  • What to eat before and after your workouts and how to recover more quickly.

How the Program Works

This is a 4-week plan which runs April 3rd – April 30th. You will get all of your materials well ahead of time (provided you register early) so you will have plenty of time to shop and mentally prepare. The good news is, not much mental preparation is needed since the meal plan is full of easy and delicious plant-based recipes. You will make blended smoothies, soups, easy nut milks, bars and  granolas, delicious entrees such as veggie noodle dishes, stir fries, stews, italian pastas and nut cheese. Desserts will include delightfully simple chocolate shakes, fruit cobblers, puddings, cookies, brownies and more. Everything can be made at home. If you don’t feel you will have time to make everything at home, we have included shortcuts and a list of pre-made, store bought  products (such as crackers, granolas and goodies) that are almost as good as making it from scratch. 

Once your register: you will receive confirmation and access to our private Facebook support group. 1 week prior to starting, you will receive your 4-week Plant-Based Love Camp Recipe Book, your first week’s meal plan, your shopping list and our list of favorite stores and websites to buy from. We know the best suppliers for all of your nuts, seeds, superfoods and spices that are cost effective and easy to use.

Your schedule: Once you get your materials, look through your recipe book and bootcamp schedule. We will send you a pre-recorded introductory video explaining the 4-week Love Camp plan and what we will do together. We encourage you to be on our calls and webinars live, as this is when you can interact with our team and other bootcamp attendees. Most of them will be happening every Monday, at 1pm PST (that’s 6pm EST and 12pm in Hawaii and 8am Tuesday  in Australia,). If you cannot get on live, don’t worry, you can always email or text  your questions in ahead and listen later.

What’s Included 

  • Recipe E-books (4-weeks of raw and cooked Plant-Based recipes)
  • Tons of recipe video demonstrations from your personalized Recipe E-Book
  • Weekly Menu Plan and Shopping Lists for each week (individual and family friendly)
  • Video tutorial with Elaina Love on the Plant-Based Diet Program
  • Nutrition, Superfood and Supplements video tutorials with expert Katelyn Louise
  • Fitness Lessons and Coaching with award winning Female Bodybuilder, Ali Stringer
  • Weekly Teleconferences
    • Nutrition Lessons
    • Discussion and Q&A
    • Check in on your wins and challenges with the group
  • Goal Setting Workshops and Assignments
  • Full access to our 7-day Guided Liver Flush Course 
    • Pure Joy Purification and Detox Manual
    • Daily instructional videos guided by Elaina
    • Cleansing and body care recipes and demonstrations
    • Meal Planning and Shopping Lists 
  • Ongoing support and networking
    • Private facebook support communityWatch this Sneak Peak video into with Elaina Love to get a juicy taste of you first week in the Love Camp

What our Boot Campers are saying:

“Hi Katelyn and Elaina and Ali, thank you so much for the bootcamp. There was a lot of thought and care and encouragement  for all 4 weeks and generous material. I was looking for a gateway back into health focus  and this really help. Again, loved the Bootcamp, thanks so Much!”  Sage, Arizona

“I want to thank the fabulous crew from the Bootcamp!! I am still using the recipes and although I am not 100% with being plant based… I just love it all and feel inspired every time I make / experiment with something. Thank you thank you thank you!! Looking forward to the next one.”Ferne, Australia

“So, I want to thank Elaina, Ali and Katelyn for this wonderful Bootcamp/Lovecamp! I really enjoyed it and am still working my way through the materials. I just watched the skin care video and love all of the recipes and ideas! Thanks again and I’m excited to continue in this group and on this path” – Kelly, USA



Elaina Love

Elaina, founder of Pure Joy Planet, is an amazing example of how a raw food diet can heal and renew vibrancy and youthfulness. With 18 years teaching experience in plant-based living, she can help you reach your goals whether it is weight loss, getting well, or starting a new career in holistic health.

Katelyn Louise

Katelyn Louise is Pure Joy Planet's instructor and operations guru. She specializes in healing the gut from Celiac and bacteria imbalances. She loves teaching low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, and superfoods. She is a private chef and works with clients one-on-one to help them on their health journey.

Ali Stringer

Ali Stringer is a Pure Joy Certified Food Chef & Personal Fitness Trainer. Ali is an award winning body builder and competes as a Plant-Based Athlete. She loves teaching and sharing her fitness & food lifestyle with others. Ali is a married mother of two beautiful boys living in Darwin, Australia.

Learn how to immerse yourself in the lifestyle, make simple and easy recipes for daily living and get fit.

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