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16 Ways to Access Pure Joy

January 20, 2016
By Elaina Love

Are you accessing Pure Joy on a daily (or hourly) basis?

Did you know that Joy is your birthright?  The only thing that keeps us humans from experiencing it is because we are bogged down by toxins (either physical, emotional or spiritual).  Here are some ways I’ve found to get my daily dose of Pure Joy and to keep it coming forever…

  1. Fresh air– Find places where you can breathe clean air on a regular basis.  If you live somewhere that doesn’t have great air quality, then go on hikes, vacations or places you know you can breathe deep and fresh.  I find using an air purifier is a great way to clean the air in my house.  When I sleep with the window open in the mountains (as I am doing over the next 2 weeks) I  need only 6 hours sleep ( 2 hours less than “normal”) and wake up without an alarm at 6am feeling super refreshed!
  2. Fasting– Anywhere between 18 hours and 3 days is enough to notice changes.  We know through science that fasting regenerates cells and lowers IGF1 (a hormone which, in excess, accelerates aging and disease).  Choose an amount of time which works for you.  Even if you just fast on water from lunch one day to breakfast the next day by skipping only dinner you will get benefits.  The longer you fast, the cleaner your cells will get and the more you will reverse aging, weight gain and disease.  Be smart about coming off the fast by eating fresh, raw and high vibe foods.
  3. Dry fasting– See my other blog posts about DF.  In my opinion, DF is a miracle that could completely change the way the world views the healing process.  Here is a quote from Tonya Zavasta: “Inflammation can’t continue without water.  Tissues get swollen with water in places where infection is having a party.  Pathological bacteria and microbes love wet terrain.  A water shortage is, for them, as devastating as fire.  During any fast, dead or dying tissues will be expelled from the body.  A water fast simply takes much longer than a dry fast to accomplish this goal.  Dry fasting eliminates inflammation the same way a swamp is cleansed of mosquitoes andother insects when it dries up.  Microbes are annihilated.  The shortage of water is a cleansing drought that’s disastrous to the body’s enemies, such as nasty bacteria.  How much more effective is a dry fast?  Each day of dry fasting offers benefits roughly equal to three days of water fasting.  Bottom line: Dry fasting is a potent practice with many health and beauty benefits.  Says Russian doctor Sergey Filonov, who supervises dry fasts for many patients who come to his retreat, the dry fast is the most effective method of healing that nature can offer us.”
  4. Green Juice every day– Above all else, you’ve to to get your daily dose of alkalizing minerals through high enzyme, green juice!!!  I believe that quickest way to access Pure Joy is through alkalizing your body with dark, leafy greens.
  5. Beauty– Surround yourself with beautiful things such as views of mountains and nature.  Or just make your home a beautiful place to be.
  6. Meditation– Find an app such as Simply Being which help you to stay on track with any length of meditation time.  The benefits include everything going better in your day, pure joy, more synchronicities, confidence, less cravings, more peace in your life. Try it!
  7. Violet Flame– I decree every day the following: “I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God (or Source, or Creator) desires”.  This should be done in sets of 3, and you can keep going as long as you want until you feel it.  As I decree, I feel the energy rising in me and my joy and energy sky rocket within seconds of beginning.  This is one of my favorite spiritual practices.  I experience a palpable surge of joy when I Command, Insist and Demand that all energies other than those which serve the highest good be consumed by the Violet Flame.
  8. Music– Pick music that makes your heart sing.  I listen to Wade Morissette, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur and other devotional music in the morning.  Then when I’m ready to get going, I switch to upbeat, dancy kinds of music such as Jason Mraz.  Music accompanies me throughout the day and contributes greatly to creating my own energy bubble of pure joy and blocks out negative thoughts and energies.
  9. Dance- Whenever and wherever you feel called.  I love to dance at home and to move my hips in a figure 8.  Unleash your goddess power women!  We can create life through our wombs, imagine the power that lies in just moving that energy field through time and space.  Try it and see how empowered you feel.  NOTE: When you are in public, don’t wait for someone to ask you to dance, if you love the song, be the first one on the dance floor and watch what happens.  You will be followed by a bunch of other people who were too afraid to be the first. Be an instigator!
  10. BE in service (“How can I serve?”) – Living your life purpose will create joy and well being in all aspects of your life (unless you forget to serve you first by taking care in all the ways I am laying out here).
  11. Chakra Balancing– Listen to my video [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uRTpL6WlvI&w=420&h=315]
  12. Skin Brushing– Dry brushing every day will help you to feel amazing.  See e-book to get the instructions.
  13. Source Tapping (EFT)– Proven to completely destroy physical, energetic and mental imbalances as well as food cravings/addictions.  It can help manifest new things such as love, new living situations, etc. Tutorial by Meryl Hershey Beck.
  14. Positive Situations– There is no such thing as a victim, just victim thinking.  In every moment, I choose to surround myself with positive people or environments.  I set this intention daily when I am doing my decrees or meditating.  If I find myself in an uncomfortable situation, and If I am not able to free myself in the moment, I will look for the fastest way out (but perhaps not most graceful if the situation demands a quick exit) and clear my energy immediately upon reaching “safety”.  See #s 6,9,11 and 13 to help yourself reset.
  15. Don’t settle– Be clear about exactly what you choose to manifest and don’t settle for less than that.  When you declare that you deserve only what you ordered (not some watered down version) Source will provide you with that or better!  You can be amazing!
  16. Orderliness/cleanliness- Get your body, your things, your car and your house in order and your life will flow into perfect balance too.  Energy goes where energy flows so do what you can to make it beautiful!

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