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Why I Love Soups (cooked and raw) 

January 20, 2016
By Elaina Love

Why Do You Love Eating Raw Soups?

I love eating raw or slightly warmed soups because they taste so delicious and they don’t take very much energy to digest.  (Did you know that 80% of our energy is dedicated to digesting our food?)  More time for myself means that I have more energy to do yoga, write articles, catch up with friends, get a lot of work done, make videos for YouTube, clean my house, make more raw foods like crackers, wraps, chocolates, nut milks and more.

This very same recipe is from my brand new online video E-Course… Level 1 Raw Food Chef Certification.

Top 7 Reasons To Make Raw Soups

1. Spend Less Time Preparing Foods
2. Quick and Easy
3. Nutritional Powerhouse!
4. Easy To Digest
5. Meal Replacement For People On The Go
6. Inexpensive
7. More Energy!!!

What kinds of raw soups can you make?

Let’s see…what do you have in your refrigerator right now?  If you have a couple tomatoes, ¼ cup sesame tahini or a handful of any nut or seed (I like pumpkin seeds because of their low cost and high zinc content), 1 tsp. onion powder, ½ tsp. salt, either Italian seasoning or a handful of basil, ½ cup of very hot water, and blend… then you’ve got warm soup!

Now this is just off the top of my head.  So, you’ll want to balance the flavors just right to your own taste preference (which is one of the things you learn during all of my Pure Joy Academy cheffing courses).  But you get the idea, right? …That it just takes a little creativity to make some really great GOURMET raw food soups.

Be sure to watch my YouTube videos and get some more gourmet food recipe ideas.  I wish you enjoy the Creamy Cilantro Soup recipe! And, I hope you from the bottom of my ever-expanding heart, Pure Joy and Abundant Health this year!

Love and Joy,

Elaina Love

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