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Why you need to cleanse

January 24, 2016
By Elaina Love

Why you need to cleanse and how I can help!

If you have been living on this planet, have been under stress, have eaten fried or processed foods,consume animal products, oils or grains then your liver and gallbladder have been working overtime.

Some of the symptoms of a congested liver and gallbladder may include:

  • constipation/bloating/digestive problems
  • bad breath
  • skin problems: When the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, the skin (detox organ) takes over by eliminating toxins through its surface in the form of: Eczema, acne, blemishes, skin cancer and rashes
  • weight gain
  • weight loss (inability to absorb nutrients or keep weight on)
  • irritability/anger/rage
  • brain fog/ poor concentration/ poor memory
  • depression/mood disorders/bi-polar
  • estrogen dominance/hormone problems/PMS
  • slow metabolism
  • allergies/ sensitive to everything (chemicals/pollens/foods)
  • hypoglycemia
  • excess gas
  • coated tongue
  • poor protein absorption
  • gallbladder problems/gallstones
  • chronic fatigue
  • high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • frequent colds/ excess mucus/ low immune system
  • fatty liver
  • poor or worsening eye sight
  • itching

Would you ever think of going more than a year without changing the oil  or filters in your car? Well, guess what?, Your liver needs cleaning too! After years of working tirelessly in the dark, dealing with everything you eat, drink, breathe, put on your skin or touch, it’s time to check in with the hardest working organ in your body.Are you wondering what a  liver flush is all about? I discovered the benefits of flushing my liver years ago, and I’m here to tell you it is one of the most powerful flushes you can do! The truth is that you are only as healthy as the weakest link in your body.

Some of the benefits you may experience after doing just one liver flush: 

  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Mental clarity
  • Confidence
  • Stronger intuition
  • More energy
  • Sound sleep
  • Better Sex
  • Improvement and/or Healing of numerous conditions including arthritis, anxiety, Crohn’s, eczema, eyesight, candida, diabetes, chronic fatigue and parasites.

My liver flush is easy! It is a 5-day process involving eating a vegan, cleansing diet. To make it super easy, there are supportive supplements and practices to give you the maximum benefits. On the last day, a liver flush beverage intended to force stones, crystals and debris from your congested liver and gallbladder is consumed. I have coached hundreds of flushers who report feeling fantastic after painlessly releasing hundreds to thousands of stones through their colon the following morning. After personally experiencing over 30 liver flushes to date, I can proudly say that my very healthy body is free from ailments, inflammation, and any kind of pain. At 50, I feel amazing. I’m actually surprised how often people much younger than me complain of joint aches, and many things associated with getting older that I do not experience. I attribute this to the great care I take of my body and all the cleanses and liver flushes I’ve done over the years.

My first Liver/gallbladder flush was 18 years ago, I used a book called The Amazing Liver Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz. After reading it from cover to cover, I decided to follow the instructions, and quickly tweaked it to my liking, switching supplements, which were easier, tastier and more effective.  I have created the easiest Liver flush there is, a cakewalk compared to the little guidance I had on my first flush.

One of our cleansers from our January virtual cleanse transformed and released stones in more ways than one:

“I Just completed the Pure Joy Planet nurturing cleanse and I am so happy with the results! All of the tools I needed were provided and I really enjoyed being a part of the daily Skype consultations. This cleanse allowed me to stay in the comfort of my own home with support just a phone call away. The flush at the end of the cleanse was truly the most rewarding part. I cannot believe how much my body was holding on to. I felt so lite and full of energy by the end of the cleanse. Thank you ladies!!!” Nicole Gale, Tucson

Join me for my next supported Liver Flush and see how amazing you can feel too!

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