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Choosing the Right Teachers

January 31, 2016
By Elaina Love

So you’re looking to become a Certified Raw Chef?

Congratulations on taking a step toward shaping a joyful and vibrant future! We’re sure you are doing tons of research–just like Elaina did when she was a new Raw Food Chef 18 years ago! So – Which school will you choose for your Raw Vegan Training? It’s time to Interview Your School

  • Which master instructors can assist you in creating a raw vegan lifestyle or career of your dreams?
  • Which teacher, facility or school will listen to your goals and help you to accomplish them, at any stage of your development?
  • Is there a program that is delicious, fun, hands-on AND built upon cutting edge nutrition information?

While there are many experienced chefs and instructors out there, not all offer the same experience to their students.

Elaina Love and the staff of Pure Joy Academy have been actively teaching all over the world since 1998, at the most prestigious raw and vegan culinary academies, and certifying hundreds of raw food chefs, instructors and students along the way. 

We know you deserve an experience of a lifetime. You need knowledgeable and energetic staff who create a supportive environment to learn in, an abundance of delicious and nourishing foods, and all of the recipes to successfully create a raw vegan lifestyle that will not only impress your customers and friends, but will actually nourish and heal your body. Download the document below to find out why Pure Joy Academy is your first choice.

Our Admissions Team has assembled an easy to use chart for keeping track of your research, questions and notes.

Download our easy to use: Interview Your School Chart

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