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Hey Milk Lovers!

May 27, 2016
By Elaina Love

Hey Milk Lovers!

Did you know that your favorite boxed nut milk may be a poor source of nutrition and can actually contain harmful ingredients? Forget about dairy milk, as we all know the effects that drinking cows milk can have on our health, not to mention the horrible things that are done to cows in order to produce more milk at rapid rates. Looking at the back of a ‘healthy’ boxed nut milk might make one wonder if it’s even a “food” at all.

Boxed nut milks can contain wide variety of questionable ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

Low in nuts, low in nutrition

The amount of actual almonds in a half-gallon carton of almond milk is shocking. Research suggests it is just over 1/2 cup in a whole box. to get the nutritional value of a handful of almonds, you’d have to drink the whole box!

Boxed milks are highly processed

Not only do they contain very little nutritional value, they are they highly processed and completely devoid of enzymes. The nuts are un-soaked, heated at high temperatures, and made by machines.

Contain suspicious fillers

After reading the back of the most popular boxed milks, we found contain ingredients like tapioca starch and synthetic vanilla ‘flavor’. Natural vanilla flavor is an extract of many things using animal glycerin or propylene glycol (antifreeze) and a googol of other synthetic and/or toxic chemicals. No thank you!

If that isn’t convincing enough, these boxed milks lack the love and vibrancy you can create at home.

We are here to help you get off boxed milks and realize how easy it is to make your own at home for pennies.

Get yourself a nut milk bag, read this recipe, watch this video and get in the kitchen!

Want to learn a variety of recipes to use your nut milk? As part of of summer classes Arizona and New York City, we’ve got a class just for that! Read more here.


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