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8 Things About A Ketogenic Diet You Need To Know

July 25, 2018
By Elaina Love

In this video, Kate Louise and I answer questions from our Lovecamp students about a Plant-Based Ketogenic Diet. Here are a few things we cover in this video:

  1. How much fruit to consume if you are trying to stay in ketosis. When is it okay to eat fruit and what kinds are best. What is the deal with ingesting baking soda? Read my full blog post all about baking soda here.
  2. How much is okay to take and why. Here is my blog on how it works. We think the best brand to use is Bobs Red Mill Why is belly fat the last to go when losing weight?
  3. Can you still get all of your nutrition needs met when you are eliminating so many foods with carbs on a keto diet? What about eating grains and beans?
  4. Are they good for women and hormone balance?
  5. How long should you be on a Ketogenic diet to see weight loss and health results?
  6. What you need to know about Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism and a low carb diet. Is fasting right for you? How long should you fast? Eggs, Soy and Autoimmune what you need to know.
  7. How night eating can sabotage your weight loss goals. Don’t be afraid of carbs in veggies, high mineral salts and what sneaky salts to watch out for.
  8. Should you be measuring your ketone levels? How do you know you are in ketosis?

And remember to check out my 4-week keto plant-based diet program online. The full ‘how to go keto’ program that has worked for hundreds of my clients. It includes personal coaching from my team and me, recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, meditation and lifestyle lessons, nutrition information and so much more.

Covered in this Video

DIM for hormone balancing and menopause

Metabolic Enzymes for cysts and hormonal issues

4-Week Keto Plant-Basd Lovecamp Program

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