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How Changing your Diet and Detoxing can Supercharge your Life with Bryce Henry

October 13, 2018
By Elaina Love

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Bryce Henry talks about joy of trail running in nature, and how he made a huge transformation physically, spiritually, mentally by upgrading his diet and removing unhealthy habits.

We talk about the power of cleansing, enemas, getting rid of toxic buildup and discuss what detox symptoms people experience. Bryce’s 3rd-day turning point on his detox was an enema!

His Quickness and memory improved and was able to eliminate brain-fog.

Bryce is the live-in partner of Katelyn Louise (my business partner) who helped Bryce make major changes that have really opened his eyes to a whole new way of looking at life.

He talks about how it’s hard for men to make diet transformations and how having the help of his loving mate Kate, helped him to easily transition.

I hope you enjoy today’s interview.





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