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Dry Farmed Wines | Biodynamic Wines

December 26, 2018
By Katelyn Louise

Dry Farmed Wines | Biodynamic Wines  

How To Drink Wine Again Without Any Negative Side Effects

Meet Todd White, of Dry Farm Wines, an all natural, biodynamic, organic, additive free, sugar-free and low alcohol source of the World’s Finest Pure Artisan Wines, Hand Crafted with Honesty. We had a fascinating conversation about the wine industry and how larger companies are buying out small companies in the USA and other countries. Get your notebooks out! Todd gives so many great facts about the wine industry and the process of winemaking.


“How are our wines sugar-free? We lab test them to ensure they are sugar-free. If a wine is allowed to fully ferment, there will be no sugar left. In the industrial wine industry, this fermentation process is not complete so residual sugar is left behind.”

Todd’s Healthy Living Practices (beyond wine!)

Wine is not what it used to be. The large companies are still masquerading as smaller companies but the quality of the wine has gone down, wines are being created in large factories and the percentage of alcohol has increased to create a stronger wine for the general public. This has taken away from not only the taste and quality but the health aspects of wine.  

We both discuss our bad side effects from drinking commercial wines and how if feels like drinking poison. Todd created his company because of this and he wanted to create a way for people who were really watching their sugar and alcohol intake to still be able to enjoy drinking wine. By doing his due diligence and sourcing unique vineyards in Europe where they still care about the quality of the wine, he was able to start bottling some really unique and delicious healthy wines. He sources from small farms in places like Italy where farms are family owned and run.  

Daily practice of fasting all day and eating only one meal at night while also enjoying a bottle of wine. This practice of fasting for 22 hours a day has helped Todd to become lean and sharp-minded while running his company. He has been practicing his fasting methods for 4 ½ years and has been able to stay in ketosis this way. It took him about a month to adapt to eat this way. Now he doesn’t need to eat during the day and is not hungry.  

Willpower doesn’t work and how you need to have a routine that you can stick to. To create a lifestyle of eating well on a Ketogenic diet and pay attention to how food affects you. Only then can you create eating as part of a healthy lifestyle instead of a diet or eating to sedate your thinking mind.

Meditation and how doing even just 20 minutes a day minimum can help you have a happier life and can also help you stick to what’s important to you in life. It can help you to avoid using foods, drugs and alcohol and movies as escapism. Sometimes we check out because the trauma of thought is too stressful. That’s why meditation is so popular now, it’s because it works.

Cold Therapy – One of Todds practices daily is a freezing cold shower to start his day. He feels this creates a huge amount of energy for his workouts and for his day and he feels euphoric when he does it. It’s not for bathing,  that comes later, it’s just for jump-starting his body. He practices the Wim Hof method of breathing which is a deep breathing and breath holding technique which can help boost the immune system and help to withstand the cold temperatures much better. Cold exposure scientific studies show that it increases brown fat in your body which burns more calories and the studies showed an 80% increase in the metabolic fat burning rate. Mice who were exposed to cold therapy ate more than their counterparts and weighed less. It is also great for reducing inflammation in the body. Whether it’s an injured limb or just overall chronic inflammation, cold baths and showers can help! Try starting with just 1 minute in cold water a day and increase your time to get up to 5 minutes. Ice baths same thing.  Wim Hof breathing was mentioned, here is his information: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

Fasting – Todd has done extended fasting for 3-5 days at a time and is now interested in trying the fasting mimicking diet by adding bone broth to his diet. He has really good success with all kinds of fasting but believes that 3-5 days of a water fast can impart huge benefits.  More info about fasting: https://purejoyplanet.com/?s=fasting

Training – Todd likes to exercise between 30-50 minutes for the benefits it has on his overall mental wellness. However, when he doesn’t have time, he loves the 10-minute high-intensity interval training. He says he really benefits from those as well. You can even just go find a hill somewhere if you are traveling and sprint up then jog back down. Or use the gym at the hotel and do the treadmill on a high incline setting for similar results.

“Dry Farm Natural wines are biodynamic and fermented with wild native yeast that are indiginous to the vineyard that the farm is grown which are collected through the air. It is a part of naturals magic. Commerial  wines are fermented with a GMO commercial yeast because they are created in a lab and easy to work with.”

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