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The Art of Water Fasting, Healing, Age Reversal, Autophagy, Dental healing and Stem Cells with Dr. Dan Pompa

December 31, 2018
By Katelyn Louise

The Art of Water Fasting, Healing, Age Reversal, Autophagy, Dental healing and Stem Cells with Dr. Dan Pompa

Dr. Pompa discusses his journey of health from chronic fatigue, mercury toxicity from improper removal of his fillings, childhood dyslexia and not being able to read until he was 6 or 7 years old. He discusses why he is so grateful for all of it, and how it has made him who he is today; everything he experienced has helped him become the educator he is. Listen to the full episode about all types of fasting including my personal favorite, water fasting. 


I had severe mercury toxicity that accumulated most of my life and really came after I got a two amalgam fillings out and they contained 50 percent Mercury. 

Meet Dr. Dan Pompa

Dr. Pompa is a walking testimony of the body’s amazing aptitude for healing itself. Following the debilitating effects of a three-year battle against chronic fatigue syndrome, his deteriorating health manifested in anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, panic attacks, nervousness, auditory and chemical sensitivities, mood swings, irritability, irrational anger, severe gastrointestinal disturbances, blisters, dizziness, unusual sounds and ringing in his ears, and twitching facial muscles. Death seemed a better alternative, but God had other plans.

The doctor’s illness, and his eventual command over it led him to a deeper faith in God and made him a better husband, a better father, and a better doctor. Truly, God does “work all things for good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). In the doctor’s own words: “Just like the clients God sends me, I know what it’s like to suffer.”


Dr. Pompa completed his undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh in 1988 and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University’s College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia in 1995 where he graduated second in a class of 150. His journey back to health continued to lead him to a voracious passion to research and learning beyond what is often readily understood.

Even though Dr. Pompa no longer practices chiropractic, his understanding of cellular healing and his “5R Principles” as the “roadmap” to healing has lead to many requests to be a speaker at large chiropractic seminars to hundreds of professionals who learn of his detoxification program for neurotoxic conditions and other unexplainable illnesses. In 2004, spiritual leaders and health care practitioners hosted Dr. Pompa’s teachings on health and healing principles and the dangerous misuse of western medicine in Zimbabwe, South Africa.

 Dr. Pompa discusses the following on water fasting and more:

  • Water fasting, block and partial fasting
  • Daily intermittent fasting
  • Valter Longo and the fasting mimicking diet (Prolon)
  • Juice Fasting
  • Dry Fasting: what it is and how it works
  • Fasting protocol: when to fast, how long to fast and how to fast
  • Cellular age 
  • Why water fasting is easiest
  • What is Autophagy and why it is good for our body
  • How fasting can help boost immunity and reverse aging
  • Does your body need vitamins during a fast?
  • When is it good to get stem cell injections?
  • Will fasting increase your stem cells?

The body wants to heal it knows how to heal. My philosophy is always just remove the interference. 

How to get ready for a fast:

  1. Become fat adapted (burning fat, ketosis)
  2. Eat 3 meals a day,
  3. Start shortening your eating window 4. Do a diet variation- feasting on certain days and fasting on others for maximum autophagy.

How to end your water fast or other fast: you can blow the whole thing if you start to eat normally. Give it 2 days of reduced calories. 500-800 the first day back, up to 1000 the second day and then break back into your regular diet. Avoid raw veggies the first couple days. Take digestive enzymes. This will maximize your results. Overeating with stop the healing!

Dry Fasting: Is it safe? How does it work? He had a client who dry fasted (no food, liquid or water) for 12 days and it was his saving grace!  It actually turns your fat into water and can be transformative.

What are cavitations? How these infections led to SIBO and Infections in his upper neck and ruined his health for years. Infections that live in your mouth that can crush your gut. Listen to Episode 210 of Dr. Pompa’s podcast on cavitations with the natural dentist.

Dr. Gerry Curatola is Dr. Pompas recommended dentists for cavitations.

If you are planning to fast and on medication, please stay on your meds, and consult with your Dr. to lower your meds as you go.


These three are magic without breaking your fast or messing with the innate intelligence of the body (unlike supplements).

Dr. Pompa is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association as a Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine. As a PMA licensee, Dr. Pompa does not practice conventional medicine. More specifically, he does not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and Dr. Pompa does not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.


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