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What You Need to Know About Medicinal Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton

March 15, 2019
By Elaina Love

What You Need to Know About Medicinal Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton


Jeff found his passion for medicinal mushrooms quite young. He grew up searching for mushrooms in the forest of Seattle and studied mycology in College. He terms his study ‘Ethnomycology’ and began learning how to grow mushrooms on a large mushroom farm in Seattle (2 million pounds every year!)

Jeff spent years traveling, researching and implementing organic mushroom-growing techniques around the globe before starting his company, Nammex, in 1989. Nowadays, Jeff uses his extensive knowledge to identify the best organic mushrooms that will produce superior wellness results.

In this interview, Jeff teaches us how to find and select mushroom products while describing the advantages of mushrooms that are grown organically and much more!

We Discuss

  • What are Agaricus mushrooms?
  • Some history of ‘magic’ mushrooms (psilocybin), and how they were used in ceremonies for healing.
  • What are Medicinal Mushrooms, how are they used and how much should one take to get said results?
  • Do mushrooms typically get sprayed with pesticides?
  • Why you have to be super careful with the brand and quality of medicinal mushrooms (and what else besides mushrooms are sometimes blended into these powdered mushrooms on the market)
  • What are 10:1 extracts and what is the proper dosage? (It is the amount of dry herb to final herbal powder. 10 pounds of powder will make 1 pound of the 10:1 extract.)
  • Is a 200:1 extract ratio a scam?
  • What’s all the hype about chaga? It’s NOT the king of mushrooms after all…
  • What are Beta-Glucans found in mushrooms? (These are the source of Immunological activity, found highest in Turkey Tail and Reishi).
  • How triterpenoids have a profound effect on cleansing the blood in liver function and how it can benefit you

“A cool thing about cordyceps is, up until recently it was always wild crafted on the steps of Tibet and you would have to get down on your hands and knees and comb through the pastures, looking for this little tiny 2 or 3 inch long blade-like cordyceps fungus which is attached to a hibernating caterpillar that is under the ground.

So they actually call it caterpillar fungus. It reached a point a few years ago that it was so valuable it was going for $20,000 a dried kilogram. Now today, we are actually able to cultivate cordyceps and it has nothing to do with caterpillars and is bright orange.” 

Jeff Also Gives His Recommendations for Dosage of Each Mushroom

    • Cordyceps: take 1 tsp/day, 1:1 ratio. Helps with healing from illness and athletic fatigue recovery
    • Lion’s Mane: take 2 tsp/day, 1:1 ratio. Helps boost memory and brain power.
    • Turkey Tail: take 2 tsp/day, 50% Beta Glucans! Helps boost immunity.
    • Chaga: take 1-2 tsp/day 1:1 ratio, Recommended daily. It’s actually a canker (not a mushroom)! Will help with Immune boosting, gut and stomach issues such as Crohn’s, IBS, Autoimmune, etc. Chaga contains Triterpenes and only 10% beta glucans. Brew your own tea from a chunk of chaga, drink it or use it to brew your coffee.
    • Reishi: 2 tsp/day up to 30 dried grams (10 tsp), or 1 tsp of a 10:1 ratio. #1 Recommended for overall immune function. Has 50% beta-glucans (the compounds that give it immunological activity) and high in triterpenoids. Top herb for the liver.
    • Maitake: Has beta glucans too. Cook these down and eat them.
    • His 5-Defenders Blend: a combination of reishi, shiitake, maitake, chaga and turkey tail


What are some other scams to look out for? Some companies are selling you mushrooms that are mostly rice that it’s grown on!  You are not getting the benefits you think you are from those. Learn why you have to be super careful with the brand and quality of medicinal mushrooms (and what else besides mushrooms are sometimes blended into these powdered mushrooms on the market).

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“The ratio according to the regulations means the amount of dried herb to final herbal powder. So it it’s 10:1; 10 lbs will make 1 lb final extract.”


Jeff Chilton- 604-886-7799


Company: Nammex (wholesale)

Retail: https://www.realmushrooms.com/

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