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The Benefits of Cold Therapy and Ice Baths

April 11, 2019
By Elaina Love

Today I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite longevity practices (bio hacks), Cold Therapy (cold thermogenesis). Listen below.

I honestly don’t know why I do the crazy things I do! I have tried many things in the name of health. There is some strong need, some drive in me to try these things out. It doesn’t feel optional. If feels like a must. Here are a few of the things I’ve tried in the name of extreme and health:

  • 100% raw vegan diet for 5 years and what I learned
  • Deep colon cleanse for 1 month using herbs and fasting
  • 3-month (90 days) liquid/juice only cleanse
  • Water fasting for 10 days in Thailand
  • Dry fasting for 5 days (preceded by 48 hours and 72 hours) and other time periods off and on. My most recent was 40 hours.
  • Plant-Based ketogenic diet
  • Cold Therapy using ice baths and cold showers
  • Osteostrong
  • Marathon Running
  • Dry Saunas

I also cover some common ice bath questions:

  • Who should take ice baths? Is it just for athletes?
  • Are cold showers as good as cold baths?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How do I make it easy to do on a regular basis
  • How am I sure I am getting an effective experience?
  • Does it hurt?
  • How Long is good?
  • When (before or after a workout, in the morning? Etc.
  • How do I get started? According to Tim Ferriss of the 4-hour body, start slow with ice showers.
  • Can I take a hot shower or bath after my cold plunge?

Cold Therapy – Why You Should Be Doing it, and How to Incorporate it

Well, energy has to travel a shorter distance in your mitochondria. In simple terms, that means that cold allows you to produce energy more efficiently.

  • Improves the Lymphatic and Immune Systems.
  • Improves Your Circulation.
  • Reduces Muscle Inflammation.
  • Creates a Sense of Wellbeing.
  • Facilitate Fat Loss.
  • Increase Mental Toughness.
  • Reset your Temperature Regulating System

Watch My How To Video For Ice Baths


8 Ice Bath Dos and Don’ts

  • DO: Seek to simplify. Building a personal ice bath daily can be a daunting task. Look for a gym that has a cold plunge, or if you live close to a river, lake or the ocean, keep tabs on the current water temperature.
  • DO: Be conservative with water temperature as you get started. Most rehabilitation specialists recommend a water temperature between 54 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider starting a bit higher and inch this downward a degree or two each exposure.
  • DO: Recognize that each individual will have his or her own cold threshold. Play within your personal comfort zone and consider investing in booties (toe warmers made of wetsuit material) as your toes are likely the most sensitive body part to be submerged.
  • DO: Be aware that moving water is colder water. Much like the wind chill created when you ride, if there are jets in your ice bath and the water that is warmed at the skin’s surface gets pushed away, the resulting impact of the water will be cooler than measured by the thermometer.
  • DON’T Overexpose! At the recommended temperature range noted previously, 6 to 8 minutes should be sufficient. Unless supervised or you have a history with ice baths, do not exceed 10 minutes.
  • DON’T Assume colder is better. Spending a prolonged period of time in water colder than 54 degrees could be dangerous.
  • DON’T Assume 54 to 60 degrees or bust. Cool water (say, 60 to 75 degrees) can still be beneficial—as an active recovery (very light exercise to facilitate blood flow to musculature).
  • DON’T Rush to take a warm shower immediately after the ice bath. The residual cooling effect and gradual warming are ideal. Consider initial warming options of a sweatshirt, blanket and/or warm drink… But DO take the shower if you are unable to warm yourself.



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