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Dr. Shade of Quicksilver Science | Super Supplements to get you into ketosis and how detox heavy metals the right way.

July 1, 2019
By Elaina Love

Dr. Shade of Quicksilver Science | Super Supplements to get you into ketosis and how detox heavy metals the right way.

I have been experimenting with health supplements for over 2 decades, and when I discovered Quicksilver Scientific, I finally felt I had struck gold.  Today I interview Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D. about Quicksilver Scientific and his line of truly groundbreaking nutrition products. We discuss specifically his liposomal products and how many of his supplements work.  I’m especially enthusiastic about his latest product called. Keto Before 6™ is a revolutionary formula that supports the benefits of a ketogenic diet while allowing greater dietary freedom. Keto Before 6 supports a standard keto diet throughout the day with the flexibility to enjoy carbohydrates at dinnertime.

Keto Before 6 rapidly returns the body to ketosis in a matter of hours, rather than weeks. This allows a more well-rounded, sustainable diet that supports a healthy weight, energy production, cognitive performance, and cellular regeneration. Dr. Shade mentions that this mineral supplement is a short cut to get into ketosis, turning up the phases of detox because it contains toxin binders which help bypass the keto flu. 

Listen to the interview here:

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

  • What does Dr. Shade eat and take on a daily basis to stay in ketosis and to utilize his body’s autophagy? 
  • Heavy Metals: Should you get tested or just take a detox product?
  • Detoxification is likely the most fundamental thing that we can do for our health now. And that would be through stimulating bile flow. How do we stimulate bile flow? With bitters!
  • Dr. Shade’s Liver and Gallbladder Detox Protocol: 2-3 weeks on the Bitter X and Push Catch supplement. Then follow up with 1-3 months of the Push Catch Liver Detox Protocol. That should pretty much knock out any liver toxicity and heavy metals. 
  • What to use for anxiety (autism as an example) use Liposomal Gaba and the nano-CBD. ½ dose in the morning and 1 full dose at night.
  • And much more!

We also discuss his Quicksilver Science products, including: 

  • Thrivagen
  • Ultrabinder (for detox)
  • Push Catch Liver Detox
  • Bitters X
  • Binder
  • Ultra-vitamin
  • CBD
  • Mitochondria optimizer: The One

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