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September News + Upcoming Events

September 9, 2019
By Katelyn Louise

September News + Upcoming Events

Many of you have asked us “So what are you working on now? What’s next for Pure Joy?”

Elaina and I (Katelyn) are currently working on our new recipe/wellness/nutrition book which is the culmination of all our knowledge and experience of KETO mixed with a nutrition-based plant-strong diet. The main focus is on reconnecting with our body’s innate wisdom with and around food. Our mission is to inspire our clients and community to develop an intuitive relationship with food consumption and communion that involves simplifying our diets and cleaning out our bodies. This project has been a long time in the making and we are so excited to be birthing it into the world!

We are currently in search of investors. Pure Joy has been completely self-funded up until this point (over 20 years) and with all of our new project visions and aspirations coming through, we are seeking outside funding to make them a reality. This comes with much consideration, as in the past, we made a conscious decision not to bring in outside influences or support. However, with the adequate funding, Pure Joy Planet would be in a position to hire a team and obtain the materials required to bring all of our beautiful offerings to you, our global community. 

Product Development

Product Development is a strong and meaningful goal for Pure Joy Planet. Besides our passion for teaching others how to prepare food, we LOVE feeding and nourishing people. Our market sampling of what is available has shown a huge lack of options that are TRULY clean and healthy products.

  • Our current focus is on branding, packaging, nutritional education, packaged healthy food production and distribution systems for our keto bars, dairy-free ice cream, dressings, and other frozen desserts.
  • A major objective is to secure a full-service kitchen facility designed for culinary instruction and training, product testing and a production kitchen. 
  • We intend to launch a marketing strategy for large US and Canadian retail food and grocery stores.
  • Establish a retail storefront to support direct sales and new product marketing. 

Retreat Center

With retreats and culinary training being the foundation of Pure Joy Planet, we have always dreamed of having our OWN center that is running year-round on a large piece of land. It would offer a wide range of programs beyond food (including permaculture, medicine journeys, meditation and transformation retreats, etc.)

This center would also be available for others to host their own healing group experiences, immersed in nature, with all the bells and whistles we feel makes each individual experience rich and transformative. This is what we live and breathe.


Keto Sedona Retreat Banner


May 7th -10th, 2020
EARLY BIRD – $1199

Experience an immersive keto lifestyle with Elaina Love, Katelyn Louise, and our Pure Joy Planet team. Sedona Arizona is one of our favorite vortex centers in the world (the other being Mt.Shasta). This experience is designed for you to be fully immersed in nature while nourishing and supporting your body through food as medicine – whole, fresh, and natural. We will be reconnecting to our roots, grounding into mother nature, experiencing the water elements, indulging in delicious high vibe organic low carb meals, hiking the hills of Sedona, practicing yoga, meditating, workshopping and much more.
Learn more here


July 16 – 19th, 2020
EARLY BIRD – $1199

Experience a Nature-Eco-Luxe Women’s Retreat in the mystic and magic of Mt. Shasta. This experience is designed for us to connect and ground into the Earth while learning about our bodies and sharing delicious high vibe organic low carb vegan meals, practicing gentle yoga, meditation and opportunity to connect with the tribe of women you’ve been longing for. This retreat includes keto nutrition and hormone talks by the experts where you will learn about your unique needs, what superfoods and supplements you may need to enhance your goals, and much more!
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Oct 4th – 31st

It’s crucial to do keto right. Conventional keto plans can fail, especially for perimenopausal women and actually all women with hormone fluctuations. Not only do many gain the weight back that they lost, but they can also do serious long term damage to their organs and hormones for the future. Without an emphasis on real whole plant foods, you may not succeed with sticking to a plan and REALLY experience the benefits ketosis provides (less brain fog, weight balance, more endurance, lowered inflammation, reversed aging and other common ailments and diseases, and most of all the joy factor that only an alkaline/green diet can produce).

The bottom line is that eating more plants, eating less sugar, getting more exercise, having more positive thoughts, enjoying more love in your relationships, and having a more fulfilling job all contribute to better health, happiness, and quality of life. Isn’t joy and happiness what we all really want in the end?

We named this program ‘Lovecamp’ because we wanted to Love you into health, not Boot you into a diet dogma! Why not join us now and get the body and life you’ve been longing for!
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Explore Online Courses + Wellness Programs

If you or someone you know needs a total diet overhaul and a completely sugar-free, grain-free, meat-free, and dairy-free elimination diet, please share!  Our mission is to inspire our clients and community to develop an intuitive relationship with food consumption and communion that involves simplifying our diets and cleaning out our bodies. Our retreats, online programs, and products are designed to do just that.

Thank you for your support in our growth! We will keep you updated as we gain momentum with all of these goals.

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