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My Healthy Travel Tips on a Green Keto Diet

October 17, 2019
By Elaina Love

My Healthy Travel Tips on a Green Keto Diet

Eating healthy in our modern world has its challenges. There are so many temptations, we have a general lack of motivation, busy schedules, financial deterrents, and judgemental and/or limiting social environments which all seem to throw many of us off the rails tossing up our hands, and maybe just giving up out of frustration. If you live in our world of alternative eating such as plant-based, food allergies, auto-immune, diabetes and/or keto, these challenges can be even more magnified. On top of that, we can’t live at home 24/7 so traveling can create even more challenges such as no access to a stove, refrigerator, or health food stores – With all this at play, staying healthy can seem darn near impossible!

Rrrrrrr! That’s the sound of the record stopping! Don’t go into that negative, defeating mind-set, it will only drag you into a pit of despair! We have lots of innovative and cool ideas to help you not just survive, but thrive while on the road! While eating plant-strong keto can be a bit more challenging while traveling, it’s totally do-able! I’m here to show you how I sailed through one month on the road, while camping, eating out of a tour bus, staying at multiple friend’s houses, (who don’t eat the same as me) and being in a car a good portion of the time. While maintaining my healthy lifestyle, this travel opportunity invited me to relax, release and be easy about my food choices.

Beginning in September, I embarked on a one-month adventure which included 2 back to back yoga/music festivals followed by an Ecstatic Dance Bus tour which left from Santa Cruz (a 9-hour drive from home) before I returned home in mid-October, just this week.

Does that mean I let my low carb diet and clean, green ways of eating go out the window? No way! I know, from my 22 years of eating healthy and clean (as well as plant-based keto and/or low-carb during most of that time) that I must remain in a great mindset and eating style while keeping my carbs to a minimum in order to remain clear-minded, stress free, mentally sharp, have an energetic pain-free body (non-inflammatory), and avoid illness. When I have all of that to LIVE for, how or why would I ever want to throw my hands up and give in to the “normal” way that everyone else is eating.

Here’s how I was able to navigate the road of pasta, brown rice, gummy fish, Doritos, processed cookies, cakes, candy, In and Out Burgers, ding dongs, donuts and oh so much more:

  • I set out on my trip with the intention of eating well and staying “clean” without exception! Mindset is everything! The only time I went off track is when I made a decision at that moment that I needed a grounding “whole food” nourishment that was not on my plan. I had no plans or intentions to veer off my clean diet and I did not think this “vacation” would be my chance or opportunity to indulge in high-carb or junk food. It just wasn’t an option for me! I knew that if I brought my own food that I would avoid temptation and inconvenient hunger moments.
  • I am educated on what foods serve my body and what foods don’t so I knew I could avoid most things that would throw me into an illness, low energy, brain fog, yeast infections and more! I didn’t let my intuitive eating habits die just because I was out of my normal environment, exposed to so many unhealthy food choices. (to find out what are your kryptonite foods, your good foods, and your superfoods, take a stool test with Viome.com)
  • Intermittent fasting until lunch was easy and definitely the way to go! I brought along my own instant keto coffee packets (vegetarian), so all I needed was to mix it into either hot water or black coffee to get me through the entire morning while everyone else was eating cereal with milk, pancakes, oatmeal, and toast. I usually didn’t get hungry until around noon or 2 pm at the latest. Was I tempted by all the other foods? Absolutely not. These foods do not appeal in the least to me since I know that I will feel bloated, fat, tired and possibly depressed for an entire day if I eat them. (read more about the benefits in my blog)
  • Staying positive about what my options were (not feeling left out or deprived when friends were eating other foods) and future-pacing to remind myself how great it would be to wake up clear-minded or be able to dance at night since my body would feel light. Guess what? It worked! I got so many compliments along the way from a variety of people about my high energy and positive attitude. I always had energy and was easy and fun to be around. Bonus: I also ended up losing about 10 pounds over the month without feeling hungry. I was nourished by the people around me and my experiences and I rarely ate after dinner since there were very few options available.
  • Cooking for the group for the first 2 festivals proved very beneficial. My friend, who was running a booth for Endangered Elephants had a big trailer with a fridge and a stove. I cooked one vegetarian meal for our group of 7-10 people daily. That was enough, we didn’t need to have more than one nice sized meal in the early evening. For snacks and lunches, I was able to eat food from my large tub (the size of a rubber made storage box) or my small personal cooler. I packed the following:

    • Equipment: a day pack (backpack), a mini cooler with 2 small ice packs that I could refreeze at times or use fresh ice, a rubber made tub for my dry ingredients, coffee thermos, large metal water thermos, 1 reusable to-go container that held my next meal if necessary.
    • Drinking-Water Bottle: I love the big water bottles that act like a thermos to keep my water cool. Fill it up each morning and add 1 electrolyte packet. Drink at least one of these a day or 2 if you have access to toilets all day (I did not since I was on the road a lot).
    • Coffee/Tea Mug: again a must for shaking up your keto coffee or making tea at night. Personalize it with stickers.
    • Water: I brought my own bottles of filtered healthy water to avoid having to drink tap water. There was room in the car, the bus, and the truck to bring my own water and I was soooo very happy to have it! The taste of tap water is horrible, especially when it’s been sitting in a BPA plastic jug in the sun for days! Go the extra mile to provide yourself with good clean spring water (buy the brand that resonates with you but be sure it’s filtered, spring, or reverse osmosis).
    • Celery Juice (or green juice): I made four 16 oz. bottles of juice and froze 2 of them (always freeze jars on their side to prevent cracking). I drank the first 2 on the first 2 days and the other 2 were keeping my cooler cold and had defrosted by the third and fourth days.
    • Fresh Veg: 4-8 avocados which I controlled the ripening of by placing in my cooler or the larger coolers available as needed. Buy more along the way as needed
    • Lettuce leaves: either red leaf or romaine as these keep longer unrefrigerated but if you can keep them in a cooler even better
    • Broccoli and cauliflower for the first couple days you can have a bag of steamed veggies with some olive oil, tamari or salt and vinegar in a large ziplock bag to have at meals or as snacks.
    • A small bottle of extra-virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar for drizzling on salads.
    • Real or Celtic salt shaker: this one fit in my backpack so I always had it. I would refill it from a larger bag I kept in the rubber made tub.
    • Powdered coconut milk or MCT powder: great for making my own milk and/or adding to my coffee. I like this one. They’ve been gracious enough to provide a coupon code for our readers. Use the code PUREJOY15 to get 15% off.
    • Chlorella tabs, green powders, and vegan protein powders: these can be added to water and shaken or stirred daily for a morning meal or swallow about 30 chlorella tabs. This ensures you are getting all of your nutrients and cleansing minerals in while traveling. Plus, chlorella is super helpful to fight off any immunity issues that come along with traveling. I love Vitamineral Green and Spirulina (read more about the benefits here), and Energy Bits Chlorella tabs. Use code PUREJOY to get 20% off.
    • Oregano oil is a must! If you are traveling through festivals or will be around a lot of people (airplanes, tour busses, etc.) then bring a bottle of Oil Of Oregano capsules. These can be purchased at a health food store. Take them daily or as needed if you are feeling even the slightest bit run down or someone in your group gets sick. I recommend 3 caps 3x a day if sick, or 3 caps 1x a day for maintenance.
    • Coconut yogurt: The quickest high fat, nutrient-dense breakfast or lunch. Add your own toppings such as nuts, seeds, berries or dried coconut. I made my own yogurt (get the recipe in our next Lovecamp course) and placed it in 4 small jars in my cooler which lasted me the first 4 days of the trip. You can also purchase 4 oz. containers of premade yogurt which may last a bit longer from health food stores. I like the Coyo brand.
    • Food Bars: I personally love the Primal Kitchen collagen bars. These are not vegan but they are very low carb (total of 10 net carbs per bar), high in collagen for nails, joints, and skin, and contain a small amount of honey to hold them together (3 g of sugar per bar). They are quite dense and chewy which some people love and some don’t. Find your own vegan low carb bar or choose from Primal Kitchen’s 4 great flavors.
    • Coconut tortilla chips: I love these chips! They are so close to corn chips, you won’t miss the corn! I love to dip them into guacamole. These are a bit higher in carbs- about 16 net for 1 serving, but way worth having around to avoid the pitfalls of the chip bowl! This brand is a bit more difficult to find, but it is on Thrivemarket.com
    • Pitted Sun-dried Olives: the reason we have them in our online store is that they are my favorite travel food! They fit well in a backpack (put an extra ziplock over the bag to avoid oil leakage) and are so satisfying. You can buy something similar at trader joes, but they have pits. Mix them with macadamia nuts or pumpkin seeds and you’ve got a great road snack!
    • Dried and salted nuts: make your own at home by soaking them overnight in water, rinsing well, then adding your own salt, curry, spices or tamari. These will be a lifesaver when others break out the chips and snacks in the car! We have a great recipe in our next Lovecamp course.
    • Simple Mills Grain-Free Almond Crackers. These were also really nice to have around to use for dipping into hummus (a rare treat) or guacamole.
    • Electrolyte packets: One a day- another lifesaver, especially if you are in Ketosis (which I am most of the time) they prevent muscle cramps, make your water taste delicious so you drink more (a must when you are in the desert- which I was!) These are the ones I used on the trip, but you can find your own favorite:
    • Coconut wraps: Great as a burrito wrapper for sautéed veggies with guacamole or avocado.
    • Non-Vegan Items: I packed my packets of wild-caught, sustainable salmon ( a lifesaver for those times when all that was available to eat were high carb grains and beans). I mixed it with lemon and or apple cider vinegar, some olive oil, and salt. I would eat it in lettuce leaves or on coconut tortilla chips.

There are so many more options you can probably think of, but these are some of my favorite items to eat, and I was never bored. I decided not to have any electrical equipment such as a blender, and this made my life so much easier. I didn’t have to deal with ingredients to blend such as greens and fruit, and it was a huge relief to not have to find electricity. I had a great month, I felt fit, light and very energetic the entire time. I will definitely travel this way in the future and I highly recommend it!

So get out there and travel and remember to be easy about it, and don’t stress yourself out! Enjoy the journey because that’s what it’s really all about!

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