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How to look, feel and be your most hot and sexy self this holiday season | Episode 36

November 25, 2019
By Katelyn Louise

How to look, feel and be your most hot and sexy self this holiday season | Episode 36

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In this episode, I discuss

  1. Morning check-in- Take 15-30 seconds-Hello me! How are you? Daily check-in/ Meditation: light a candle. Set a timer. Set an intention for the day. Check-in with yourself for 1 minute or 20 minutes. Say hello to yourself.
  2. Journaling- dreams, thoughts, ideas, check-in. How am I feeling today? How do I want my day to go? Set your intentions for the month How do I want to look, feel and act this holiday season? Who do I want to be? Set Alarm- set the intention to wake up 1 minute before the alarm goes off.
  3. Set your alarm to be nature sounds (birds)
  4. Fifteen-minute miracle- 100 things you love about someone in your life (spouse, children, workmates, etc.) Miraculously change relationships.
  5. Make someone’s day- Sending Love to people in traffic, to the guy who cuts you off, to the cashier.
  6. Start looking at your habits- Willpower doesn’t work, soooo create the environment to help you succeed! Remove things from your sight (or house). Find a space somewhere that is hard to get to for less healthy things that are tempting.
  7. Eliminate something- Avoid SAD (Seasonal affective disorder)- Decide on 1 thing you want to eliminate- Gluten and sugar.
  8. Fasting Ritual- Pick 1 or 2 days a week to have green juice only. Follow this link for a free juicing course: https://online.purejoyplanet.com/p/fr…
  9. Keep things simple! Eat simply, make chocolates, give cards, collages, candles as gifts (chocolates or healthy treats) instead of buying gifts from China.
  10. Sleep! Darken the room, run an air purifier (sound machine) non-stressful alarm sounds, Meditation can help you to feel refreshed if you are lacking sleep. Limit caffeine after 2 pm.
  11. Exercise- Do a 20-minute walk through the neighborhood. Stairs- climb a set anywhere. Calisthenics, Hold a plank pose for up to a minute. Weights for bone density.
  12. Supplements- Vitamin B Vitamin D
  13. Be Grateful! 3 gratitudes a day… Creates joy, increases dopamine. Thank your body! Love parts of your body that are working well. Name specific people who you are grateful for. Fill up a gratitude jar by writing down 3 daily gratitudes.
  14. Imagination Creation- Imagination is what creates our reality. We create the world we see by choosing peaceful or stressful thoughts. Imagine as you go to sleep at night (right before falling asleep) something that you would love to see happen in your life. Imagine yourself in your body giving yourself (and a loved one) a high five as you receive it! Feel a happy emotion about receiving this new thing. Use getting unexpected money as your first project. Remember to cancel clear if you think about things you don’t want to create.


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