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Elaina & Katelyn’s 2019 Review: The pros and cons of fasting, exercise, biohacking, and coffee | Episode 38

January 1, 2020
By Katelyn Louise

Elaina & Katelyn’s 2019 Review: The pros and cons of fasting, exercise, biohacking, and coffee | Episode 38

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 In this episode Elaina and Katelyn discuss:

  • This year’s fasts, including Water Fasting, Dry Fasting, and Juice Fasting. What we will do differently moving forward
  • Exercise – Running, Orange Theory, Cardio, rest and more
  • Coffee – What we love about it and how we USE it, and what we love about taking breaks from it
  • Adrenal fatigue and how to avoid it
  • The Medicinal Mushrooms we are using now – Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Chaga and Reishi
  • The Medicinal Herbs we love – Ho Sho Wu, Maca, Ashwagandha
  • Meditation – How toning the vowels has increased Elaina’s meditation benefits
  • Journaling – How to fill up your journal and have a record for your life and a good listener wrapped into one thing.
  • Nature, Camping and Earthing are big DO’s for us
  • Our Pure Joy Retreats are a DO – Community and Nature and Healing Food
  • Breathwork – amazing insights and clearing
  • How to let people into your life more
  • Our Biggest accomplishments for 2019
    • Kate’s speaking at festivals and stepping into her life purpose more
    • Elaina’s is opening her heart and becoming more chill in life
  • How to keep your stress low and your energy high
  • How to stair-step your way into having your heart’s desire
  • Start with just one thing in 2020 such as a green juice every day for a week. Baby steps
  • How to achieve all of your life goals by writing down how you want to ________
  • How to do the best self-talk: Can you trust yourself to do what you say you are going to do?
  • How to start adding things to your diet to reach your goal of getting off of sugar (or anything).
  • Showing up real! Are you being real with your feelings and emotions?
  • Are you focused more on the outer you than the inner you? What makes you more approachable?
  • Future pacing: Will Future me love past me?
  • How do I want to feel? Write it down!
  • How to achieve your goals and set yourself up for a great 2020
  • Creating a mastermind group or a club

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