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Sunlight and why it is essential for optimal human function, should we be using sunscreen and wearing sunglasses? | Episode 40

January 31, 2020
By Elaina Love

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The hospital patients that received more light healed faster. The patients that received no light didn’t heal at all!

In this episode with Matt Maruca, we covered:

  • The GAPS diet and how all diets don’t work for everyone, always
  • The benefits of full-body sun exposure
  • How sunglasses can damage your health
  • How sunscreen can be toxic
  • Ultraviolet light and it’s healing powers
  • The fastest way to create skin cancer and how to avoid it
  • Is our clothing causing UTIs and bacterial infections?
  • What are mitochondria and how do they function in our body
  • Why Matt doesn’t think exogenous melatonin (supplementation) is a good idea
  • What are Blue-Blockers and how they increase our melatonin and promote sleep naturally
  • Sungazing benefits
  • Open window benefits
  • The evolution of the human brain requires a huge amount of DHA. Can we get that from plants or do we need seafood?
  • Why vegan DHA might not be viable

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