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Day 1 Sugar-Free Recipe Challenge | Golden Tonic

March 28, 2020
By Katelyn Louise

We started on March 27th and will go through March 29th, 2020. Learn & Make 3 Sugar-Free Recipes in 3 Days In this free virtual 3-day challenge, we’ll walk you through 3 tried and tested delicious sugar-free recipes. Our focus will be on showing you how you can quit sugar, eliminate cravings, and feel satisfied. All of the recipes are also plant-based, gluten-free, whole30, paleo and keto-approved.

Here is the recipe PDF for Day 1

We also covered:

Types of sugar:

  • Agave – don’t even have to go there. Very highly processed= spikes blood sugar (HFCS) and fructose which cause weight gain faster than any other sweet food.
  • Fake sweeteners (aspartame, diet sodas) can cause insulin resistance leading to wt gain. Eat sweet = crave sweet
  • Fruit and fruit sugar – fruit juices are pure insulin punishment. If you or your kids are drinking fruit juices, get them out of the house now! Smoothies with fiber are fine when we take the fiber out, its detrimental to brain development, weight, blood work, etc. with constant flooding of pure fructose. Not all fruits are created equal and if you are going to eat fruit choose low glycemic fruits (when you are sticking to sugar-free lifestyle) like berries, lemon, green apples with lots of fiber.
  • Lower glycemic sweeteners like monk fruit and coconut sugar (better option but still turn on our sugar cravings)
  • Hidden Sugars – If you are experiencing a sugar addiction it usually involves not just an addiction to sweet things but also grains + dairy. Both of these include proteins that act like opiates. Lactose turns into sugar, which is what we call the hidden sugar.
  • So what’s safe?
    • Stevia – SAFE! actually helps improve glucose intolerance (and insulin resistant/diabetic). Great as a transition sweetener. We can post the latest research science on stevia because it is awesome.
    • Erythritol (we like Lakanto) is the safest alcohol sugar there is and seems to cause little to no gut disturbances compared to xylitol and other alcohol sugars.

Here is the nut milk bag used: https://store.purejoyplanet.com/produ…

Remember to: Look at labels! Sugar is one of the most common food additives. The more you stay away from processed, packaged foods, the more likely you are to avoid added sugars. Stay away from drinks other than water (store-bought) which have the highest amount of added sugar

We are here to support you! The most valuable part of our coaching programs that we see over and over again is COMMUNITY! Being a part of a community with the same goals as it is crucial to stay on track. No matter what your current health is or goals are, we are here to upgrade our health, life, mood! Keep posting your recipes!

There is still time to join in on the challenge. Register here: https://purejoyacademy.lpages.co/recipe-challenge-march-2020/

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