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Day 2 Sugar-Free Recipe Challenge | Asian Salad Wraps

March 28, 2020
By Katelyn Louise

Recap Day 1 – If you missed Day 1, here it is.

Day 2 Recipe: Asian Salad Wraps

Here is the recipe PDF for Day 2

Then we are going to make a delicious Asian Salad Wrap. It works for the whole family! We pride ourselves of making our Keto Gone Green Program (which is our 4-week coaching program where we do a deep dive into this sugar-free lifestyle, completely guided by us, complete with 4 weeks worth of recipes, shopping list, supplements guides, nutrition lessons, mediations, exercise class and more) our recipes are tried and tested recipes that work every time. So many recipes on the internet JUST DON’T WORK! We’ve been chefs for years and know what it takes to make a great recipe (kid-friendly too)

We also loved hearing what alternative ingredients we’d all love to put in these delicious and satisfying wraps! Some of us would add:

      • Avocado
      • Hemp Seeds
      • Pumpkin Seeds
      • Tempeh
      • Sprouts
      • Beets instead of carrots
      • Herbs like mint
      • Nori, chard, romaine, or coconut wraps instead of collards

We also covered:

The #1 BIGGEST mistake that is keeping you addicted to sugar:

What’s the biggest mistake keeping you addicted? MINDSET! Do you keep saying things like “I’m addicted to sugar!” OR “OH I can never give up XYZ… (hidden sugars in bread, white food, and beer). It’s time to let go of limiting beliefs around food. FOOD AND SUGAR DON’T CONTROL YOU! Your NEW saying: “I CHOOSE to avoid those foods, or I DON’T (not I can’t) eat that because I want to be vibrant, slim and healthy!

It’s not about being perfect, we all eat treats once and a while, but it’s about awareness and choosing your sugars wisely – good, better, best ⇒ always stay away from high fructose corn syrup. Instead, choose coconut sugar or nectar + stevia + Lakanto and natural fruit sugars.

We know you’ve tried, you may have gotten a week in, maybe even 2 and then all of a sudden it hits…(we must check our grain and dairy intake!) unintentional sugar intake

How to have it not control you? Here are our top techniques for stopping a craving

  1. Future Pace – how do you want to feel in an hour? Tomorrow? Later with your kids? At your work? ON the scale tomorrow morning?
  2. Willpower – willpower doesn’t work! Just Don’t Have unhealthy food around. Sometimes we need to go cold turkey. The more we taste it (even little tastes) triggers our brain to want more
  3. IF THEN SCENARIO – if I want a cookie THEN I’m going to….Go for a walk, get out of the house and out of your head! Call a friend, do some jump roping, hula hoop, jumping jacks, dance to one entire song.
    1. Do 20 pushups or squats, jog around your house 3 times, get in the dirt, ground, earth
  4. Minerals and mineral deficiency – vitamin D (sugar increases an enzyme that blocks the absorption of Vitamin D) magnesium (high blood sugar decrease mad absorption, magnesium is a key piece in stabilizing blood sugar so when it is depleted it is a downward spiral), omega 3’s can all help with sugar cravings THIS IS WHY IT’S SO BAD DURING THIS TIME OF VIRUS SCARE, DEPLETED MINERALS FURTHER DEPLETE YOUR ADRENALS AND IMMUNE SYSTEM
  5. Make yourself a ‘treat’ – Make sparkling water with lemon and stevia instead
  6. Hydrate – make a green juice. Alkalize!
  7. Cut it out cold turkey – Once those GUT MICROBES CHANGE in your gut, you won’t have to do all the tricks because….you just won’t CRAVE IT! But until then, sometimes you just need to distract yourself. Taste buds will change. Use spicy, flavorful ingredients to help
  8. Substitute: use stevia or Lakanto, cinnamon, vanilla, spices, coconut milk (all naturally sweet) in recipes
  9. Eat MORE FAT!!! To feel satiated longer…

Virtual Class Comment Transcript:

From Rachel Loomis : Hello!!
From Deniz : Hello from North Carolina
From Jackie : I don’t have any chard. I do have some non-organic yukky iceberg from my son but usually avoid non-organic lettuce.
From jeanettegibler : Hey Gorgeous!!!
From keli : hi from California
From jackie : Bless you, Alli!
From Lynn Logan : hi from NY
From kathy : Good morning! Sipping my Golden Tonic & excited to be here. Also from California.
From doctress neutopia : neutopia…. like a new utopia!
From Juli.Trtanj : Good afternoon from Alexlandria VA! Also only have kale so curious if that will work!
From jackie : I had some Golden Tonic this morning, but maybe I’ll run and get some more!
From keli : I saw a blue jay here. I’ve never saw one on my property before 💗
From jackie : thanks for speaking slower!! 🙂
From Julie M in Bend : I made it!
From Maria Martinez : I gave the tonic to my teens. My daughter love it, my son didn´t
From Maria Martinez : I love it
From Ali Stringer : haha love your excitement 😃🙌🏼
From Juli.Trtanj : did you cover sugar from beets, carrots, grapefruit juice and grains? Those are my weaknesses! I’m only halfway through the replay…sorry if you covered it yesterday!
From doctress neutopia : Why eat a green apple over a red one?
From Julie M in Bend : I carry EVB and Human Parvovirus and sugar definitely impacts how I feel
From Julie M in Bend : Keto has changed my health
From Rachel Loomis : @mariamartinez I have two teens. One loved it and one didn’t:)
From Julie Keenan : I can relate to sugar addiction starting young…mom found me at age 2, sitting on the kitchen floor eating white sugar by the spoonful from the bowl. yikes! I couldn’t get enough. Now I’m free of it!! feels soooooo good, as Elaina and Kate are saying.
From Julie M in Bend : My grandmother gave us wonder bread sandwiches with sugar and margarine! 😂
From Liz : Green Juice
From Julie M in Bend : fasting – celery juice
From jeanettegibler : Green juice
From Kathy : green juice yes
12:20:45 From Renee Bergeron : Julie M in Bend – We had Wonder Bread with peanut butter and white sugar.
From kathy : So funny, we started out with Wonder Bread in our family, but then my mom read the Adele Davis books and switched us to healthier, homemade choices.
From keli : thinking about the sugar brought back an amazing memory. In school we were challenged to not eat sugar for a month. The prize was a jewel box of polished rocks. Two
From Galaxy S10 : just made our green juice last night. having green juice for lunch, yumm!
From Julie M in Bend : In relation to being kind – I have fallen off the wagon and gone through periods where I do eat sugars and higher carbs – What I love is that instead of being hard on myself, I start incorporating more of these foods you taught us – up my celery juice etc and pretty soon I am off the bad stuff and 100% back on track
From keli : of us won. Now we know why I love rocks so much. I’ve always have had a problem with sugar. The worst is Oreos. I go in a complete rage cycle.
From kathy : Intermittent fasting has really helped me to stop stress eating.
From kathy : But I’ve definitely felt the feelings of wanting some old unhealthy go-to when under stress.
From Julie M in Bend : I fall into many of those categories – but I love when I start craving your recipes!
12:26:58 From Julie M in Bend : my regular glasses have Blue IQ
12:29:39 From Deniz : Ice cream
12:29:40 From Rachel Loomis : It’s hard, but, I know I cn do it. My downfall is using maple syrup in my coffee
12:29:48 From Galaxy S10 : yummy!
12:30:22 From Rachel Loomis : Yes, I have seen that. I will have to get some
12:30:24 From Galaxy S10 : I really can tell my cravings are worse when stressed.
12:30:31 From Julie M in Bend : That was me until I learned new skills – from you! I learned to be kind and being kind changes the mindset
12:31:12 From Julie Keenan : it’s soooo yummy! Great on the un-corny griddle cakes!!
12:31:57 From Julie M in Bend : kind to myself – left that part out.
12:33:10 From Ali Stringer : yes it’s not about perfection it’s about progress 💚 love this!!
12:40:53 From mindymiller : What about liquids for fasting>?
12:41:39 From Kate Louise : Yes we love liquid fasting – green juice, tea, etc.
12:42:06 From Julie M in Bend : I eat all my costco “keto certified” almond butter cups – and now there is only the good stuff! I have lot’s of conversations with myself in the grocery store – and read labels, it really makes me put down things I am temped to buy!
12:42:12 From Julie M in Bend : ate not eat
12:42:36 From Julie M in Bend : only good stuff left at my house since I am home bound
12:47:37 From keli : so
12:48:08 From keli : if you have just sesame oil not toasted do see a big taste difference?
12:48:10 From kathy : Can you just wash & throw your organic whole unpeeled garlic in any recipe made in a Vitamix (just like you said we didn’t have to peel organic ginger root)?
12:48:12 From Ali Stringer : Yummm love that toasted sesame oil flavor in recipes 💚🙌🏼
12:48:28 From Kathy : I fasted yesterday. Trying to wait until 2 to eat. This recipe sounds so good. Cravable! Can’t wait to make it. Making crackers today for the market but I’m watching and listening. Love you!
12:49:14 From Jules : where did you get the measuring cup with the tahini in it?
12:50:35 From Ali Stringer : onion powder is everything 😂🙌🏼💚💚
12:50:39 From Julie Keenan : I found the measuring cup at bed bath and beyond…the Oxo brand…better pricing.
12:51:07 From Jules : thxs
12:51:11 From Julie Keenan : you can find same brand on EBay…much higher price
12:51:52 From Julie Keenan : ‘wondercup’ brand on eBay
12:55:08 From keli : so if we use the orange juice we won’t need the water. so maybe that’s why you don’t have water on the recipe
12:55:37 From Liz : pampered chef sells something similar too
12:55:53 From keli : pamper chef has three size of the push cup.
12:57:21 From Candace Ruiz : I found this measuring cup from Pampered Chef for $12..https://images.app.goo.gl/XLFuBeANWmtoouyv8
12:58:02 From kathy : Is it possible to wash off the wax on organic cucumbers?
12:59:19 From Julie M in Bend : I saved the turmeric and ginger from yesterday for my next batch of broth!
13:00:12 From Rachel Loomis : That little spatula is cute
13:00:32 From kathy : Beautiful mandala!
13:00:38 From Ali Stringer : Hey Jackie, I think your question came to me privately. Try reposting so the girls can see it for you 💚
13:01:40 From Julie M in Bend : what brand is that mandolin again?
13:01:47 From Karen Gottdenker : what brand is that mandolin ? thanks
13:02:14 From Ali Stringer : 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💚💚💚💚💚
13:02:21 From Kate Louise : Mandoline” https://www.amazon.com/Prepworks-Progressive-Adjust-Julienne-Mandoline/dp/B002THQ9JS
13:02:57 From Julie M in Bend : I don’t have cabbage so was going to substitute kraut I already have.
13:04:34 From Julie M in Bend : Curious how long I can leave them in the freezer? (the collard leaves?)
13:04:48 From Rachel Loomis : I have one of those scrapers and love it!
13:04:49 From Lynn : Are there alternatives to the collard ;eaves that we can use
13:05:46 From kathy : Did you wash the collard leaves before you froze them?
13:05:48 From Juli.Trtanj : do you wash the collards before freezing them?
13:06:12 From Julie M in Bend : great! Thanks!
13:06:34 From Karen Gottdenker : sprouts
13:06:40 From Deniz : I would add pumpkin seeds
13:06:41 From Rachel Loomis : radish
13:06:41 From kathy : How about hemp seeds for more protein, or avocado for more fat?
13:06:45 From Julie Keenan : avocado mash
13:06:46 From jeanettegibler : Avocado
13:06:48 From Maria Martinez : I don’t have the collard greens, what to do_
13:06:49 From Denise Sperling : Red beets would be good and use the beet leaves to wrap?
13:06:58 From Julie Keenan : zucchini
13:07:00 From kathy : Jicama for crunch!
13:07:06 From jeanettegibler : pumkin seeds
13:07:22 From Lynn Logan : can we use nori or coconut wraps as a wrap
13:08:12 From Julie M in Bend : that’s been my go too snack (the jicama) my dog loves it too!
13:08:37 From Celia Garza : I’m going to make the “corny tortillas” for it
13:09:07 From Deniz : Looks great!
13:09:33 From Ali Stringer : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Looks so good!!! Can’t wait to make them!!
13:09:44 From Rachel Loomis : Yum! Can’t wait to make these tonight!
13:10:20 From kathy : Can we also post photos on Twitter for the contest?
13:10:25 From Julie Keenan : how about rainbow chard?
13:10:46 From kathy : Say that again about Twitter, I missed what you said.
13:12:01 From Deniz : Pressing the hard vein with the back of a jar, helps a lot too. My friend thought me that trick
13:12:39 From debbie marcellus : thanks for today but have to leave early
13:13:39 From Denise Sperling : Beet leaves
13:15:17 From Julie M in Bend : love the beet leaves idea
13:15:48 From Julie M in Bend : I have a hard time too inga when I am around family…especially if I don’t come with my own stash
13:18:09 From Lynn : Thanks again for the great recipe. Look forward to trying it tonight. Do not have the collard greens this time…will use green cabbage but it looks delicious. See you tomorrow.
13:18:56 From Jeri : Hi. Is there a way to save the Zoom Group Chat dialogue? Love the feedback. Thank you!
13:20:15 From Kate Louise : Hi Jeri! You read my mind!! I just saved it all 🙂
13:20:46 From mindymiller : did you mention cookie bites?
13:20:57 From Ali Stringer : Have a great day everyone! can’t wait to see your creations 💚🙌🏼🌱🤗
13:21:49 From mindymiller : Yay! Cant wait
13:23:09 From mindymiller : thank you!! I appreciate this 🙂
13:23:45 From kathy : Can you repeat what you said about posting on Twitter for the contest, please? I missed what you said.
13:24:05 From Kathy : I didn’t have the chat set right. Comments were going to Julie. Love this today. Feels great to know wer
13:24:17 From Kathy : we’re not alone
13:24:37 From Maria Martinez : Thank you. Love it
13:24:56 From Deniz : Wonderful suggestions, thank you! See you tomorrow!
13:25:02 From Jeri : YOU’VE MADE MY DAY BRIGHTER!!!
13:25:18 From Juli.Trtanj : thank you!
13:25:19 From Denise Sperling : Thank you! Enjoy your day!
13:25:21 From Julie Keenan : yayyyyy

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