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Imagining your perfect reality, awakening, and a peek into 4th Density life with Brian Scott

May 26, 2020
By Elaina Love

Imagining your perfect reality, awakening, and a peek into 4th Density life with Brian Scott


In this Episode Elaina Love and Brian Scott talk about:

The Reality Revolution

  • How Brians miracle Survival from getting shot “woke” him up to a new reality and got him on the path of sharing knowledge beyond this world with others
  • Why we don’t always share what we “know” about awakening but why we need to
  • What is the Fake Mass Awakening? 
  • What is the Great Awakening?
  • Authors and channels (benevolent entities or beings that speak through humans in lectures or books)
  • What is happening on the planet right now with the awakening of humankind?
  • What are 3D, 4D, and 5D reality And beyond?
  • We are in 3rd density and shifting into 4th Density
  • Are we as humans designed to live a life of bliss?
  • Encountering a 6th Dimensional Being thought the Law of One
  • Brian’s The Law of One and Ra- interview with Jim McCarty
  • How to know if the information we are getting is real
  • How to start meditating and make it fun
  • Is Bill Gates Evil?
  • How to listen to your inner knowing (your higher self/God)
  • Who is Neville Goddard and how he teaches us to create (imagine) reality
  • Discussing Dolores Cannon materials about things beyond our world
  • Reality Transurfing and creating your reality, what are pendulums?
  • How to imagine the life you desire for yourself and others
  • How to stop creating bad things and start creating good things in your life

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