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Why Are We So Triggered? Techniques to Regain Your Footing, Be In Your Heart Portal, And Follow Your Bliss

September 3, 2020
By Katelyn Louise

Why are we so Triggered? Techniques to Regain your Footing, be in your Heart Portal, and Follow Your Bliss

Cultivating Aloneness, Self-Awareness, and Witnessing. What are your non-negotiables?

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Katelyn and I discussed:

  • Things we tend to turn to when we are feeling out of control:

    • Addictions: sugar, alcohol, overeating, carbs, processed foods, drugs, The News
  • Things that tend to make us feel out of control

    • The News
    • Arguing with people 
    • Judging, Shaming and Hating people
    • What to do when you live with family members or people you live with that you are not seeing eye to eye with
  • How to be more in your heart

    • Sending loving and compassionate thoughts
    • Self-awareness: Knowing what is yours and what isn’t yours
    • Avoiding the” Black Tornado”
    • Daily Meditation is like  breathing– our practices
    • Praying is talking and Meditating is listening. Both are necessary
    • Take a moment, 
    • Sit in Silence
    • Use Binaural Beats
    • Going Internally
    • Gratitude- What IS working? Find the tiniest little things in life
    • Grounding- Hold a crystal, get outside, play with your houseplants (fingers in the dirt)

Things change. But it’s not your job to tell people how they should think or act

  • !What is the truth? Well, There are Multiple Truths!
  • Going into my heart portal is the biggest breath of fresh air.
  • Soothe your nervous system
  • I don’t know how to be Arsenal
  • Only you know… What is your lane? What gives you bliss?
  • “Don’t feel guilty that you are not doing all of the things” Katelyn
  • Paul Selig- Books: I am Word, The Book of Knowing and Truth
  • How to free yourself from earthly bonds and “slavery:

    • “I know who I AM, in TRUTH I know what I AM in TRUTH,I know how I serve in TRUTH. I am free!  I am free!  I am free!”
  • How are we “missing the mark” AKA sinning?
  • Self-Check-IN… what part of me is needing to be filled?
  • Entity Energy. What is that?
  • Yelling on Facebook
  • Check-in… why am I so triggered about this?
  • Eating Clean can help you feel more aligned and at peace
  • Stop focusing OUTWARDLY! It only makes it worse
  • Byron Katie- “There is your business, my business, and God’s business. If you are minding my business, who is minding your business?
  • Becoming the WITNESS

    • how it can transmute the horrible things on the planet by not being afraid of our own emotions
    • Witnessing other people’s pain.
    • “That’s what FEAR looks like!” Just be the witness
    • Move through it at the moment and let it pass. 
    • Stop resisting the pain in yourself or others
    • Witnessing ourselves
  • What does “Waking Up” mean?

  • Did you expand your capacity to LOVE in this lifetime?

  • How to Live in a “Bubble”

    • It’s by design
    • Not being afraid to follow your bliss
    • Quality over quantity of friends
    • Everything including us is a vibration
    • Bumping against venom
    • The bubble mentality- it’s a crystal bubble
    • Spending time alone
    • Showing up for each other
    • Our connections are so important- we are supposed to be around people
    • Making wise choices… if someone makes you feel drained, then avoid that
    • Book: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennon (energy vampires)
    • The PYRAMID trick
  • Cultivating your Aloneness

    • It’s Delicious!
    • Feeling your OWN energy
    • Have you NEVER been alone? If not… why?
    • What are your own preferences?
    • Communicating clearly to get your alone needs met
    • Standing in your Power- how not speaking your truth can hurt your body
    • Drive somewhere, go on a hike
    • Experiment with doing something alone
  • The Power of Silence

    • Are we looking to fill the silence?
    • Checking in to see how much of our time is filled with noise?
    • Productivity is an escape
    • Being Human
    • Being OK with being bored


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