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Liver Flush Cleanse Program Guided by Elaina Love

Liver Flush Cleanse Program Guided by Elaina Love

November 13, 2017 – November 19, 2017 in Your Home

Course Overview

Elaina Love and our team of experts are here to guide you through this online liver flush cleanse video course. Have you been thinking about cleaning out your body of unwanted toxins, but just haven’t had the knowledge or willpower to start. Well, look no further because help is on the way! After 20 years of following my own cleansing and detoxifying protocols, as well as leading others in extended cleanses, I know what it takes to get your body functioning optimally. A cleanse like this will recharge you to get up and go!
During this cleanse you will take supplements to support your organs, reverse inflammation (puffiness and weight gain), and get that spring back in your step. As the seasons change, it is the perfect time to recharge your immunity. A lot of those symptoms are just the body wanting to rid itself of excess mucus and toxins quickly. When we cut out those inflammatory and mucus forming foods such as meat, sugar, gluten, and dairy, and replace them with high vibration, nourishing soups, smoothies, juices, salads and more, we become supercharged and ready for LIFE!
The organs function much better (especially the heart and liver) when we are detoxified and cleansed of any unwanted liver and gallbladder stones, as well as fat (think fatty liver and gallstones). Yuck! Who wants that?

It’s time to take on your own power to heal!

During November 13th – November 19th, you will be watching two videos per day in the morning and evening for seven days, right from your own home and do as directed. In these online lessons, you will learn about the science of fasting, how to create a balanced lifestyle based on intuitive eating, how to incorporate movement into your daily activities, how to listen to your body’s instincts and work with emotional cleansing. Via our Facebook cleanse page, you can ask questions, share with other cleansers and connect on a personal level. Worried about being hungry? We have designed a menu that will allow you to feast on healing beverages, blended soups, and smoothies and take healing supplements. These supplements will help to soften and release unwanted liver and gallbladder stones and dilate your intrahepatic ducts for easy release and removal of stones and toxic debris through the colon (not urethra).

What You Will Learn

The Purification and Liver Cleanse Manual includes:

  • Your Cleanse Shopping List
  • Intention of the Liver flush
  • Is Your Liver Toxic?
  • Why is the Liver so important?
  • Basics of Purification & Cleansing
  • Why Do We Cleanse?
  • How Does The Body Become Toxic?
  • What to Consume On This Liver Flush
  • Foods to avoid on this cleanse
  • How The Supplements Work
  • Tips for a Successful Liver Gallbladder Flush
  • Tools and Life Practices
  • Cleansing Reactions
  • Enemas-Water and Coffee
  • Natural Body Care: Face and Body Masks, Teeth and Mouth Care
  • Instructions on How to Perform Oil Pulling
  • Tongue Scraping
  • Dry Skin Brushing For Beauty
  • Honor and Releasing Practice
    • Juice Fasting/Feasting
    • Water Fasting
    • Dry Fasting
    • Spiritual Fasting
    • Intermittent Fasting a Fast
    • Colon and Intestinal Cleansing
    • Parasite Cleanse
    • Kidney Cleanse
    • Sugar Free Cleanse Program
    • Sugar Free Program Foods List
    • Maintenance Foods List
    • Juices and Fiber
    • Beverage Recipes
    • More Additions to Your Juices
    • Juice Fasting Tips
    • Using a Juicer or Blender to Make Juice
    • Blended Smoothie and
    • Soup Recipes
    • Epsom Salt Drink Recipe
    • Olive Oil-Citrus Drink Recipe
    • Resources on Where to Purchase items

Guided Liver Flush Video Course will teach you:

  • 2 instructional video sessions a day with Elaina Love and special detox experts
  • All about the liver-gallbladder flush and how it works
  • Elaina takes you through the manual and explains all of the sections and lessons (see manual description above)
  • Elaina shares her years of experience with cleansing and shares tips and tricks for the best cleanse
  • How to create a balanced lifestyle after your cleanse
  • How often to cleanse and why
  • Listening to your body
  • How to embrace and work with emotional cleansing
  • How to do a cleanse while still working

A second bonus video demonstration will be included each day on:

  • How to make green juice without a juicer.
  • How upgrade your personal body care products using natural affordable ingredients.
  • How to make your own toothpaste, face wash, clay face masks, and more.
  • How to make healing beverages for cleansing and in your daily life.
  • How to make delicious soups and nourishing broths
  • Why you should cleanse
  • What to avoid on a cleanse
  • How to efficiently and effectively cleanse your body on a 7-day cleanse
  • How to prepare foods to support you through your cleanse
  • Toxins you are exposed to and how to eliminate them
  • Different types of cleansing protocols (parasite, colon, liver, kidney, fasting)
  • How to make your own personal care products (toothpastes, face cleansers and face masks)
  • How to make cleansing beverages (green juices, lemonades, soups and more)
  • How to make your own nourishing broth (especially great in the winter months!)
  • Hands-on learning through personal experience

Cleanse Kits

You can make your cleanse super easy and luxurious by ordering a Pure Joy Deluxe Cleanse Kit (option #1 below). with the highest quality supplements already assembled for you. Or get our Basic Cleanse Kit to get you started (option #2 below). All you have to shop for is your fresh ingredients. We can ship the kits anywhere in Canada and the USA via priority shipping. You must purchase the cleanse kit 5 business days prior to when you want to start of your cleanse to ensure you get it on time. You can do this cleanse anytime you want, but we recommend picking a specific date to keep you committed to completing cleanse in a timely manner.

Basic Cleanse Kit Includes:

Deluxe Cleanse Kit Includes:

What’s Included in the Entire Package:

  • Pure Joy Purification and Liver Cleanse Manual
  • Guided Liver Flush Video Course
  • Private Facebook Support Group to keep you motivated
  • Shopping lists – everything you will need to have a successful cleanse
  • Either Kit that you choose below (Deluxe or Basic)

You will be feasting on nourishing beverages, blended soups, and smoothies and take healing supplements. These supplements will help to soften and release unwanted liver and gallbladder stones and dilate your intrahepatic ducts for easy release and removal of stones and toxic debris

Do you have questions like “Will I be hungry?” Check out our most common asked questions here.

Have additional questions or need more information? One of our loving Detox Team Members would be happy to assist you. Please email Katelyn@purejoyacademy.com

What our other cleansers have experienced with our cleanse:

“This was very successful for me. Today I passed a lot of stones. I’ve read these flushes are good to do consecutively spaced out by a month so I’d like to do it again in another month. Thanks for facilitating.”

Sabra, USA

"I Just completed the Pure Joy Planet Guided Liver Cleanse and I am so happy with the results! All of the tools I needed were provided and I really enjoyed being a part of the daily Skype consultations. This cleanse allowed me to stay in the comfort of my own home with support just a phone call away. The flush at the end of the cleanse was truly the most rewarding part. I cannot believe how much my body was holding on to. I felt so lite and full of energy by the end of the cleanse. Thank you ladies!!!

Nicole, Arizona

I did my flush last night into this morning. Wowza, I do have stones!! Last time I did a flush I produced nada! I will admit I have felt really tired and weak most of the day, but I have turned a corner and feel much better!”

Inga, Utah 

“Greetings fellow flushers. I wanted to share what has been happening for me this flush. This is my second one as I took last months too! I am having the time of my life . I started on Tuesday and have already passed a few stones. Whoopee , I feel like on Saturday ( my olive oil day ) I’m going to be winning the gall bladder lottery! Who knew flushing could be this exhilarating! Today I cleaned out the refrigerator and made the avocado face mask with the one that was about to go south . Oh my goddess it was delicious and creamy on my face. Although I’m fasting that avocado satisfied my food craving. What I really want to share is that this self love and nurturing is such a divine privelige. I feel so blessed that I can take the time to nourish myself and my body with this sweet process. I have committed to doing the next 4 ,one a month and am looking forward to seeing what happens with this focusd effort. My goal is to keep loving my liver and gall bladder and all my organs that allow me to experience this wonderful life in a body. Love you all and look forward to more communication”

 Blessing, Alive and Radiant Kale Chips

What You Will Make



Elaina Love – Founder & CEO

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 vegan recipe books, speaker, and internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina is the founder of Pure Joy Culinary Academy. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies. Elaina has owned and operated 2 vegan cafes and has catered many festivals, so she understands and is able to speak about food preparation on many levels.

Katelyn Louise – Co-Owner

Co-owner and Manager of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, helping people take their health back into their own hands through food as medicine. She specializes in helping clients overcome health challenges like autoimmune, hormonal imbalances, and brain fog. She is also a food product developer, specializing in low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs and superfoods.

Join us for our guided liver flush cleanse program to take the next step towards the life of your dreams. Our community of students and loving staff is waiting to assist in your transformation.

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