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Plant-Based Ketogenic Lovecamp | 4-Week Healthy Living Program for Spring

Plant-Based Ketogenic Lovecamp | 4-Week Healthy Living Program for Spring

April 1, 2019 – April 28, 2019 in Online

Course Overview

Have you heard of a ketogenic diet but are afraid it is too meat-centered? Are you interested in adding more plant-based foods to your diet but need recipes and a little guidance? Are you using food emotionally to cope with stress or boredom? Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise are experts in cleansing the body, balancing hormones, increasing weight loss, and reversing disease with a ketogenic, high fat/low carb diet.

All of this can be done using 100% plant-based ingredients!

The ketogenic diet can be a very healing and useful tool to have in your tool belt. Even if you are not planning on doing Keto all the time, it is a perfect go to when you need to reset, lose some weight or just get your mind working clearly again. Keto helps people lose weight, control diabetes, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, reduce tumor sizes, reduce seizures and more. Many teachers in the Keto diet are typically suggesting high animal fat (butter, cheese, eggs, cream) consumption which can be acid-forming and hard on your organs, not to mention that it does not take animal suffering into account. We believe it is kinder to you and to the planet to eat a mostly plant-based diet. That’s why we’ve created a program that can help you achieve your goals and receive the benefits of ketosis without the stress of eating animal products. Join our next Lovecamp Ketogenic Training & Support Group! Beginning on April 1st through April 28th. The entire program is sent to you online week by week and day by day so you can take it in small bites and learn how you can change your lifestyle and your diet from your own home. We cover everything from eating the best food ever to looking at emotional eating, food cravings, and detoxing off of the Standard American Diet (SAD). Immerse yourself in the benefits of a plant-based ketogenic lifestyle, make simple and easy recipes for daily living and get fit! Feel more satisfied and have fewer cravings, a sharper mind, and more confidence. Indulge in some of the best recipes on the planet while nourishing your entire family. Deprivation and scale not included. 

What You Will Learn

  • Weekly Recipe E-Books (4-weeks of plant-based, gluten-free, keto approved recipes) – Each week you will be sent a full recipe book containing the weeks’ meals; complete with food macros and ingredient alternatives.
  • Video Cooking Classes to get you comfortable in the kitchen. Never throw away recipes again.
  • Weekly Menu Plans – Each week you will receive a menu plan so you know exactly what to eat, when.
  • Detailed Shopping Lists (individual and family friendly) to save you time and money (get our best sources + pricing research!)
  • Instructional video tutorials taught by Elaina Love on the Plant-Based Diet Program/Ketogenic
  • Nutrition, Superfood, and Supplements video tutorials with expert Katelyn Louise
  • The secrets guaranteed to increase your energy levels
  • Fitness Lessons and Coaching with award-winning female fitness model, Ali Stringer
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with the team – interact, learn, and ask questions live
    • Cutting Edge Nutrition Lessons – learn the most current nutrition science about hormones, gut health, intermittent fasting, exercise nutrition and more!
    • Discussion and Q&A – Get your health questions answered by our team of nutrition experts!
    • Check in on your wins and challenges with the group – be accountable for your health and happiness! Get support when you need it most.
  • Goal Setting Assignments
  • Ongoing Support and Networking with our Private Facebook Support Community – We pride ourselves on our support system pre and post program. We want you to succeed in your health goals long after your program is done! Plus, receive bonuses and get our latest recipes by staying active in the group.
  • You will receive info on the most cutting-edge nutrition, diet information and personal lifestyle guidance from Elaina Love. The founder, Elaina Love is an expert in cleansing, hormone balancing over 50, low carb high-fat diet for hormone healing and weight loss. She has guided hundreds of women through their own hormonal journeys and will be your guide while healing through her protocol. 
  • Herbal expert Katelyn Louise will teach you all about superfoods, herbs and how to concoct your own medicinal teas and smoothies. Katelyn is Pure Joy Academy’s Instructor and Operations Director. She specializes in healing autoimmune through low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods.
  • Move with yoga instructor, Kyndle in her easy to follow yoga classes. Kyndle [kyndlefireyoga] has over ten years of personal yoga practice under her belt, has completed three yoga teacher training and has taken numerous workshops and classes around the country. She teaches vinyasa power yoga and a gentle, at-home-personal practice flow called Heart of Yoga.

Plan and Prepare for success

You will get all of your materials well ahead of time (provided you register early) so you will have plenty of time to shop and prepare. Not much mental preparation is required since the meal plan is full of easy and delicious vegan recipes and easy to follow. You will make blended low carb smoothies, soups, easy nut milk, energy bars, grain-free crackers and bread, savory granolas, delicious entrees such as zoodle dishes, curries, stews, pizzas, and vegan cheese, all free from gluten, dairy and processed ingredients. Desserts will include delightfully simple chocolates, shakes, puddings, cookies, brownies and more. Everything can be made at home from scratch. Plus, if you don’t feel you will have time to make everything at home, we have included shortcuts and a list of premade, store-bought products (such as crackers, granolas, and other goodies) that are almost as good as making it from scratch.

Feel good about what you’re eating

All recipes from the recipe book and video cooking classes are completely free of gluten, dairy, processed foods, and processed soy, so you can truly feel what it’s like to eat clean, cleanse your body safely, and open yourself to a whole exciting new way of eating.

Plus, every recipe is keto approved, complete with carb, protein, and fat macros calculated for you so you can take the guesswork out of tracking. There is so much variety, you will be amazed at the options on a vegan ketogenic diet. Elaina created this program based on recipes she used to shed weight, get rid of night sweats, and balance her hormones and now you can enjoy them too!

Stay on track and motivated

Each weekly guide is delivered straight to your email, and includes absolutely everything you need—from what to shop for, how to prepare meals and how to stay on track, motivated, and moving forward, no matter how busy you are!

Join A Community and Team That Has Your Back

Changing one’s eating habits alone can be no fun. That’s why you’ll be able to ask us questions anytime. Plus, each Monday morning you will join the whole love camp group LIVE with our weekly virtual coaching video calls. We encourage you to be on our coaching calls live, as this is when you can interact with our team and other LoveCamp attendees. Plus, you are immediately added to our Private Facebook Support Group within the Lovecamp, so you can ask, learn, and interact with your fellow LoveCamp participants and instructors. We have hundreds of women just like you who have transformed their health through this program and are eager and excited to help you too.

“Again. Thank you for these awesome camps and all your helpful information. It is so wonderful to know that we are getting top of the line instruction and recipes and mental physical and spirit and emotional guidance. Big Thanks to you Elaina, Kate Louise and Ali…and my gang of campers…


“Walnut tempeh tacos with avocado and herby macadamia cheese in romaine cups are amazing!”

“Happy Boy green smoothie! “I have to say, this Mint Chip Milkshake is pretty amazing. Totally addicting and satisfying my sweet tooth. I am actually not a fan of the taste of Spirulina (usually makes me gag) but it totally mixed in well in this recipe. I made this with fresh almond milk and it turned out very creamy. Now for the big decision, share some with my son or drink it all myself?!?” Christina

“Breakfast Toast for lunch. PJ Signature Flat Bread fried in coconut oil. Spread with raw garlic mustard, topped with arugula, avocado, and Himalayan salt and pepper. Delicious! 🙂 Have never cooked arugula before have always had it as a salad so that was interesting.”

“I did the 36 hour fast yesterday and happy to report I feel a deep profound sense of calm and clarity today. Feel deep gratitude for the food I was able to eat today yet surprised that there was not this desperation to eat. I had a huge BM this morning and clarity over practical world issue I’ve been needing to resolve for a long time when I was writing in my journal! thank you for encouraging me to start this fasting!!!”– MichelleUSA


What You Will Make

Golden Mylk Chocolates
Veggie Burgers
Chili BBQ Cauliflower
Asian Slaw
Keto Coconut Ice-Cream
Jackfruit Carnitas
Superfood Salads


Elaina Love – Founder & CEO

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 vegan recipe books, speaker, and internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina is the founder of Pure Joy Culinary Academy. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies. Elaina has owned and operated 2 vegan cafes and has catered many festivals, so she understands and is able to speak about food preparation on many levels.

Katelyn Louise – Co-Owner

Co-owner and Manager of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, helping people take their health back into their own hands through food as medicine. She specializes in helping clients overcome health challenges like autoimmune, hormonal imbalances, and brain fog. She is also a food product developer, specializing in low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs and superfoods.

Learn how to immerse yourself in the lifestyle, make simple and easy recipes for daily living and get fit.

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