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Plant-Based Ketogenic Rejuvenation Retreat | Mt. Shasta

Plant-Based Ketogenic Rejuvenation Retreat | Mt. Shasta

July 16, 2020 – July 19, 2020 in Mt. Shasta, California

Course Overview

You ladies are amazing I’m so honored to have met you. This experience you provide is life changing and one of the best of my life. I am eternally grateful. Mount Shasta is my happy place! Ana – July 2019

What You Will Learn

Plant-Based Ketogenic Rejuvenation Retreat | Mt. Shasta July 2020

Experience an Eco-Luxe Women’s Retreat with Elaina Love, Katelyn Louise, and Pure Joy Planet in the mystic and magic of Mt. Shasta. This experience is designed for you to be fully immersed in nature while nourishing and supporting your body through food as medicine. We will be reconnecting to our roots, grounding into mother nature, indulging in delicious high vibe organic low carb meals, practicing gentle yoga, meditation and more.

When you start eating better, you automatically want to do more. More breathing, more of being present, more adventuring, more caring and more connecting. This plant-based ketogenic retreat is a blend of meditation, yoga, hiking, food preparation, sharing meals and stories and the opportunity to connect with a tribe of like-minded souls from all over the world.

“Five star – Just came back from Elaina’s Shasta retreat. I knew from a online Lovecamp I was in for a treat but it was so much more. The connection with staff and fellow students was priceless. We experienced pure joy from sun up to sun down. Everything was well thought out and food was so beautifully plated. We were taught how everything could be made at home.” Keli A.


All of our food is gluten-free, grain-free, organic, plant-based, and ketogenic. Meals are all geared towards balancing your body and hormonal system, shedding excess toxins and weight while satisfying your taste buds. Non-keto options are available upon request.

My top 2 favorite meals were Pesto Pasta and Jackfruit Tacos. I loved mesquite cookies and Mexican chocolate cookies!! Lucinda, July 2019

Keto foods, vegan foods


4 Days, 3 Nights –  we will teach you how to integrate holistic plant-based ketogenic living into your daily life, through healing and balancing our hormones while connecting to the healing power of Mt. Shasta. By taking you deeper into group meditation, emotional healing, yoga, and breathwork, you will go home with the daily practices to successfully achieve your ultimate self.  With our program, you get help every step of the way.

Hiking was ahhhhh-mazing and dinners outside on the porch we’re just the best. I mean it was literally all aligned with my life and what I want. Celia – July 2019


Get ready to have your mind expanded, your body challenged, and your heart and soul opened.

Elaina and Katelyn were brought together years ago to create a supportive healthy community, guiding plant-based chef trainings, hosting wellness retreats, and facilitating online healthy eating programs. Their mission is to inspire their communities to develop an intuitive relationship with food and eating that involves simplifying the diet and cleaning out the body.

Retreat facilitator

Elaina was amazing, kind and has so much knowledge of keto/plant based life style. Loved my time just hanging out with her and driving to the hike, super real and personable. ~love all of you made me realize how lucky I am to have met you all and now I am a part of an amazing TRIBE!!! Love my tribe!!! Donna, July 2019

Kate was a calm and peaceful facilitator and observer with an old soul. It felt like she was reading everyone’s minds and anticipating everyone’s needs and making sure all was okay. She is thoughtful, hardworking, accepting and a great listener. (I personally felt like Kate’s past experiences and knowledge of hormonal issues was a huge godsend for me; I am so lucky to have crossed paths with her and feel like her presence and warmth at the retreat was a gift). Nicki – July 2019

Through their combined knowledge, experience, and wisdom Elaina and Kate have created this powerful Mt. Shasta Rejuvenation Retreat.

Here you can relax while learning more about unprocessed, plant-based ketogenic diet lifestyle and how this way of eating can boost your immune system, give you more energy, help you lose weight and support your health and fitness, all without any hardship or deprivation.

“My heart is in overload at the moment, I never ever thought I would feel this way. The amazing ladies I met to our most amazing perfect staff made me feel I was at home. I had not idea I would get home, think about our amazing conversations, food etc and start to weep. You all brought something into my life I have never ever excepted to happen~cuz I am a strong women right? No I am where I am supposed to be supporting other people now in my place. Elaina Love Katelyn, Ali, Liz you simply made me realize how precious life is and what we can do to others to make things better. Its not all about being perfect in our eating, loving, living. But how we one moment at a time can be a stronger better women to make others feel they are appreciated and loved not matter what. To all the sweet ladies at the retreat, thanks for being raw and most of approachable you will forever be in my heart and soul. Until we meet again~~much love joy peace and yummy eating to all”~Donna – July 2019 


  • DAILY HEALING, ORGANIC GOURMET MEALS, SNACKS, GOODIES, AND MORE – all of our food is gluten-free, grain-free, organic, plant-based, and ketogenic. Meals are all geared towards balancing your body and hormonal system, shedding excess toxins and weight while satisfying your taste buds. Non-keto options are available upon request.

Everything was amazing…cookies are always a hit & collard wraps with tempeh were great!

  • DAILY YOGA AND GROUP GUIDED MEDITATION to move our bodies and release toxins from the body gently and naturally
  • MEDITATION CLASSES to get quiet and connect to what our souls need
  • DAILY HOLISTIC NUTRITION, DETOX TALKS, AND DISCUSSIONS so you know exactly why and how to implement the teachings at home. From hormone balancing to blood sugar testing, learn what you need to level up your health and wellness program.

The Hormone and Supplements talk was the best.

  • THE LATEST HEALTH AND BIOHACKING FOR WOMEN DISCUSSIONS get personal with Elaina and Katelyn. Learn the latest and greatest in everything health, food, and spirituality. Nightly bonfires and deep discussions.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL COOKING WORKSHOPS Learn how to make the food served on retreat with instructional cooking lessons.
  • DAILY OUTDOOR ADVENTURES, HIKES, WATERFALLS, HOT AND COLD SPRINGS, AND NATURE! We feel nature is just as important as the food you eat. It’s so vital to nourish your lungs with as much fresh air and sunshine as possible
  • 4-WEEK GUIDED ONLINE KETO GONE GREEN PROGRAM – PERSONALIZED IN-DEPTH NUTRITION GUIDANCE. The support doesn’t end after the retreat. Join our Keto Gone Green Coaching tribe for life!  Stay in the conversation. connect deeper with the team and your fellow retreat participants.



Located in Northern California, Mt. Shasta is a destination for spiritual healing and calls in many spiritual healers from all over the world. Mt. Shasta is a MASSIVE dormant volcano with a summit of 14,000 Ft. above sea level. Shasta is also known to its locals as an energy vortex – a gathering place of the Earth’s most powerful sacred energy and a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness.

Mount Shasta is filled with rivers, forests, and waterfalls! This is a favorite summer hang out, the cool water is completely refreshing and the prana from the moving water replenishes your energy centers.

The town of Shasta is home to about 3,000 people and has some of the most incredible crystal and spiritual shops around. There is also a huge fresh spring that runs through town that many locals and travels can be found filling their water bottles. There are also 2 health food shops with unique raw, vegan, and keto options.✨


Guru Shasta Retreat Center was established and set with an intention of helping anyone drawn to Shasta, YOU, to uncover your own inner wisdom, highest-self, our GURU within.  It lives within all of us, and oftentimes it takes a retreat to hear it and acknowledge it. Let Shasta be your container for personal advancement and spiritual growth.


We have varying accommodation options. Most accommodations are shared rooms, GLAMPING STYLE. Tent camping is also available (OPTIONAL). This is NOT a luxury 5-star resort experience. This is a chance to sleep and BE with nature in it’s finest form, taking in the beauty and energy that Mt. Shasta embodies.

*Please ask about our limited private rooms. First come, first serve.

Please visit GuruShasta.com for more room descriptions

Honestly, I felt like I gain friends. You all looked me in the eyes and told me how happy you were that I came. I know everyone received the same, but I know you were being sincere with all of us. Celia – July 2019


$1199 – Early Bird Price includes a shared room (until April 1st).

$299 – Deposit to secure your spot

Pay the rest in payments that work for you up until 30 days prior to arrival.


*Space is limited to 20 women. Book in advance to secure your spot.* 

Note: We have found that once a person commits to a course or a retreat or a program, the higher consciousness knows this and will start having things cross your path to get you to that goal even sooner. It’s called the hero’s journey, and once you step onto the path by saying yes, you are already on the Journey! Congratulations!



 Sign up today as this retreat will fill. Start planning your summer wellness and adventure and enter a gateway to a happier, sexier and healthier you! No pre-requisite required. All are welcome.



Elaina Love – Founder & CEO

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 vegan recipe books, speaker, and internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina is the founder of Pure Joy Culinary Academy. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies. Elaina has owned and operated 2 vegan cafes and has catered many festivals, so she understands and is able to speak about food preparation on many levels.

Katelyn Louise – Co-Owner

Co-owner and Manager of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, helping people take their health back into their own hands through food as medicine. She specializes in helping clients overcome health challenges like autoimmune, hormonal imbalances, and brain fog. She is also a food product developer, specializing in low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs and superfoods.

Plant-Based Ketogenic Lovecamp Retreat is designed for you to be fully immersed in reconnecting to our roots, grounding into mother nature, delicious organic vegan low-carb living, yoga, meditation and more.

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