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Raw Vegan Chef Certification Hong Kong – Level 1

Raw Vegan Chef Certification Hong Kong – Level 1

March 22, 2019 – March 25, 2019 in Hong Kong

Course Overview

Pure Joy Planet Asia 2019 Level 1 – 美國認證生機素食課程Level 1 現正招生!

擺脫傳統飲食概念,以生機素食為生活注入生機!無論你是否素食者,保證這四天課程中能令你體會到生機素食的好處及一生受用的健康飲食知識。 課程兼備理論教學、堂上實習和純生機素食排毒體驗。內容包括superfood的最佳食材配搭方法、調味技巧、實用刀法及催芽基本技巧等。 你將會學懂超過五十多個低升糖、零麩質的滋味實用生機食譜,更可獲得美國Pure Joy Planet Founder Chef Elaina Love及香港Pure Joy首席導師Angie Lam發出的證書,以及擁有報讀Level 2課程的入學資格,全方位的培訓最終能讓你信心十足成為生機素食廚師、導師、創業者或為你的家人健康和廚藝帶來嶄新夢想。 課程名稱:Pure Joy Planet Asia 第一級生機素食美國證書課程
課程日期:2019年3月22-25日(共4天) (10am-7pm)
學費: HK$18,800
查詢電話: (852) 2111 4106/whatsapp 6690-8381 或 email 到info@purejoyplanetasia.com
If you want to learn how to create a vegan version of your favorite junk food that, and substitute unhealthy ingredients like for a variety of delicious, exciting recipes like grain-free zucchini pasta, sugar-free chocolate pudding, hearty soups, and how to make a green smoothie that actually tastes good, then this is a great training for you! ! You will start to understand why a vegan diet /raw food not only support good health but actually you will thrive in that way of living! As a graduate, you will have prepared over 50 delicious meals which are nourishing, gluten-free, low-glycemic and suitable for families and clients! A great gift for yourself or someone you love who love healthy cooking and want to feel good for a lifetime! Course: Pure Joy Planet Asia 2019 Level 1 Certificate
Date: 22-25 March 2019 (total 4 full day)
Fee: HK$18,800
Address:  Fotan, Hong Kong
Inquiry: (852)2111-4106/whatsapp (852)6690-8381 or email at info@purejoyplanetasia.com

What You Will Learn

  • How to create simple to advanced recipes for family, clients, or a commercial food business.
  • How to prepare over 50 delicious meals which are nourishing, gluten-free. low glycemic recipes 
  • Soaking and sprouting tips
  • How to make restaurant quality gourmet desserts
  • The foundation of low carb, low GI, and grain free living 
  • How to make fluffy bread, satisfying granolas, and sophisticated sauces.
  • Ways to extend your longevity with Herbalism.
  • Distinguish between food and nutrition facts from dogma.
  • How to refine your knife skills.
  • How to create mouth-watering textures and flavors.
  • Ways to lighten up common raw food recipes.
  • Ways to navigate modern-day stressors and how to balance your hormones.
  • Opportunity to eat plant-based foods for 4 days(3 meals daily)


  • 超過五十多款零內疚的基本美味生機素食譜
  • 成功取代高糖粉蛋奶麵粉的飲食習慣
  • 實淺無糖/低升糖、零麩質的飲食樂趣及好處
  • 體驗一連四天三餐全生機的排毒美食
  • 正確處理蔬食的刀法技巧
  • 種子浸泡發芽要决
  • 建立高能量有效率的廚房需知
  • 成功實踐最健康素食的生活態度
  • 怎樣從生食和熟食中間取得平衡
  • 特別適合控制體重/三高/糖尿/癌症的療癒飲食選擇
  • 如何為您的家庭、客人或有意發展商業餐飲業務,設計出獨一無二的高能量素食譜
  • 特別適合控制體重/三高/糖尿/癌症人仕的療癒飲食選擇

For Questions, Email: info@purejoyplanetasia.com

Office Number: (852) 2111 4106

WhatsApp: (852) 6690 8381  

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Angie Lam – Asia Branch Owner

Angie is one of the pioneers of the raw food movement in Hong Kong and the author of the first bilingual raw food recipe book, “Raw in The City”. You can find Angie teaching her recipes on the mass media and public events in Hong Kong. She is now a Licensed Pure Joy Branch Owner in HK.

Elaina Love – Founder & CEO

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 vegan recipe books, speaker, and internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina is the founder of Pure Joy Culinary Academy. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies. Elaina has owned and operated 2 vegan cafes and has catered many festivals, so she understands and is able to speak about food preparation on many levels.

Transform the way you think about food with our Level 1 Raw Vegan Chef Certification in Hong Kong!

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