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5 Ingredient Chia Porridge

5 Ingredient Chia Porridge
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5 Ingredient Chia Porridge


  1. Mix dry ingredients together in a dry mixing bowl or jar. Pour the milk over the top and stir well or shake in a jar,.
  2. Let sit until the chia seeds are plump (15-45 minutes) Give another shake.
  3. Add a layer of berries to the bottom of a jar. Add 1/4 cup chia pudding on top. Add another layer of berries and more chia on top.
  4. Top with sliced berries, dried berries, coconut flakes or even cacao nibs!

  • Nancy Wheeler

    I made the triple layered chia pudding for my family. I followed the instructions and layered four Mason jars with the ingredients. The end result tasted very good but it didn’t look as perky and white like the photo you posted. I waited more than 45 minutes to do the layering but the plumped chia seeds and fruit all meshed together (which is okay) but it didn’t look as pretty and fresh.

    • Katelyn Louise

      Hi Nancy! What kind of milk did you use? Did you use the white chia seeds or the black? The white with coconut milk will keep it looking nice and white. Hopefully it tasted delicious anyways!