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Medicinal Mushroom Tonic Tea – How to brew

4-6 hours
Ready in
4-6 hours


  • 16 cups purified water
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 4 TBS sliced ginger root
  • 2 TBS loose nettle leaf
  • ¼ cup chaga root bits (www.chagaMountain.com)
  • 2 slices reishi mushroom (MountainRoseHerbs.com)
  • 1 TBS astragalus root powder (MountainRoseHerbs.com)
  • Optional: 1 whole nutmeg, 4 clove buds or ¼ tsp. powder


  1. 1. Place the water, sticks roots and mushrooms in a big pot.
  2. 2. Bring to a boil and then lower to a simmer for 4-8 hours.
  3. 3. You can serve the tonic straight from the pot by using a straining mesh screen over your tea cup.
  4. 4. Continue to add more water to it as it gets low. This can be a tonic that you keep going on the stove and just add more ginger and cinnamon to each time you deplete your stock. You can make up to 6 pots of tea from the same base.
  5. 5. You can also just freeze or refrigerate all of the remaining roots and shoots and save them for another time.
  6. Also look for other healing adaptogens such as licorice root, he shou woo, rehmannia and more to add to your elixir.